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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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New HIV Gel May Protect Women

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A new gel promises women to be protected from HIV infection even if applied after having sex. US researchers have come up with such unique vaginal product to the weaker section that would require less partner acceptance.
The vaginal gel contains antiretroviral drugs that plays important role in the prevention from HIV infection. However, this time the drug is designed to be applied by women after having sex as use of it before sex may not be practical in all the cases. Also, it would require women to take less preparation measures before sex.

Details of the new vaginal gel product are published in the Science Translational Medicine paper. It writes the product is developed by the researchers at US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and contains raltegravir, an anti-HIV drug.

The gel has been tested successfully in monkey and researchers found applying of it 30 minutes before the exposure protected two of three subjects from SHIV.

SHIV is the combination of HIV and related monkey virus.

Researchers found further that the gel was equally successful even after applying the gel three hours after SHIV exposure. It resisted 20 virus challenges and also 10-week follow-up period.

However, the researchers say observations are still required to confirm the same success rate in larger numbers of animals.

The researchers also added, “We show preclinical in vivo data that support the use of topical integrase inhibitors for HIV prevention.”


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