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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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New Update Adobe Flash Player 16 Beta

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Adobe Flash Player allows content to effectively move between your browser, applications, and operative systems for a smooth user experience. Adobe runtimes also share common codebase which makes it easy for the developers to deploy game consoles with 2D and 3D games.

Flash Player works across platforms to provide uninterrupted viewing of applications, content, and videos on all browsers and operating systems. The newest version is Adobe Flash Player 16, which is in its beta trials now.

This beta has been code named Natoma. Natoma is now available for download. The new update to Adobe Flash Player contains many new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Bug fixes included relate to:

  • Security
  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Device Compatibility

Adobe is switching to a rapid beta release cycle with a “background update.” It is important that you subscribe to their release information so that you can continue to get the newest, most up to date Flash Player without having to manually install each update.

Flash Player 16 Beta, known as Natoma, uses 32-bit and 64-bit installers on Mac and Windows operating systems. You can download all the installers, debuggers, standalone systems, and standalone debuggers direct from the website.

When you install the new version, it is extremely important that you uninstall any previous versions that you may have on your computer. Having multiple versions installed will confuse your operating system and can lead to its failure. You may also do some irreparable damage to your computer systems if you do not uninstall any old versions of Flash Player.

Some of the new features include:

  • Standard Constrained Profile (Stage 3D) – This will target older and lower powered GPUs on desktops and mobile devices. This update will now reach more than 85%.
  • Improved Mouse Control – Build games that use the multiple abilities of the mouse.
  • Concurrency – Use ActionScript to create better performing games. You can share memory and leverage tasks with background workers.
  • Full Screen support – Provide full screen games that use a full keyboard on all browsers and operating systems.
  • HD video – Best in class video performance using h.264, AAC, and MP3 codex.
  • High protection of content – Use Adobe Access to provide protected video content with video on demand, HD rental, and subscription services.
  • Optimized SWF files – More effective and faster downloads.
  • More bitmap control – Smooth animations and interaction can be delivered to consumers.
  • Windows and Mac PPAPI Installers – This used to be only available as a Google Chrome integration. It is now available for Windows and Mac and all Chromium based browsers. They are not required to use Google Chrome.
  • The extended Beta includes and FSCommand change for Internet Explorer – This changes Flash Player’s handling of FSCommand in IE 11 using Edge mode. IE 11 browsers will utilize Flash Players function like non-internet explorer browsers.

When you download the new Adobe Flash Player 16, you should also consider downloading Adobe Air 16. Together they enable businesses to deliver effective and interactive customer experiences through multiple touch points.

The new Adobe Flash Player 16 combined with Adobe Air 16 beta is out. You can experience all the new improvements to the system that provide better interactions with your favorite sources.


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