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Friday, April 17, 2015

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New WhatsApp Comes with Great Ways of Changing Appearance

New WhatsApp Comes with Great Ways of Changing Appearance By – Nov 17, 2014 12 0 SHARE

WhatsApp is just another of the many social media applications and or platforms where many people would want to connect and share experiences with friends and family.

However, sharing these experiences in the best of ways is sometimes at the back of some users, who’d want to present themselves as cool as well as portray the most favorable image to their friends.

WhatsApp keeps rolling out new updates and the newest is its latest version. What about this new version? Well, there are some tricks that you might find the best, when using the new WhatsApp and they’ll actually help a lot in making a better image.

Fake a Conversation on WhatsApp

Do you dream? Well, if you do, you can make your dream come “true” with WhatsApp’s new feature. Maybe you’ve dreamt of meeting a prominent person in your life. WhatsApp can make this dream come true by allowing you to generate a conversation with prominent persons. This tricks your chat mates and at the same time fools them. It is one great way with which you can pull a stunt on your friends.

In order to do this, download the Whatsaid app. This app enables you to change names of a person you are chatting with so that you can achieve that status you dream of. With this app, users can assign names and photos of prominent people on a chat mate they wish to converse with.

Fake WhatsApp Location

An exclusive functionality for users of Android devices, this feature allows users to change their location on WhatsApp and in the process fool any person spying on them. In order to do this, you’ll need to deactivate your GPS tracking system. After that, select your phone settings and navigate to the developer options. From here, check the option labeled “Allow mock locations” and then you can launch the app again. Select the fake location you wish for, be it a city, country, continent or even a celebrated restaurant, resort or hotel. Your device will be able to display a mock location to friends and spies you intend to fool.

Change WhatsApp Wallpaper and Profile Picture

WhatsApp comes with default wallpaper that can get very boring and monotonous. Sometimes, change is what we need and this is exactly what you get with WhatsApp for your chat wallpaper. Simply go to WhatsApp chat menu and choose Wallpaper. Here, you can upload a picture of your choice directly from your device or opt to download one of the many provided by WhatsApp.

Just like with the wallpaper, it is also very easy to get rid of or change your profile picture by uploading another photo. To do this, navigate to the settings and click on the profile option from the menu that pops up. From there, you can upload a new photo of your choice.

Create Shortcuts for Favorite Contacts

It is possible to have numerous contacts yet it is only a few of them that you maintain regular contact with. If you are one of these guys, then you’ll want to know how to prioritize these contacts. In a way, this works as normal speed dials you can create and tap on them to initiate a conversation.

If you are a user of an Android device, this process is very simple. Navigate to the contact you wish to list on your shortcut, long-press on the individual contact and from the resulting menu, select the option of “Add conversation shortcut”.

If you are using an iPhone, first, you’ll have to download another app called 1TapWA in order to create shortcuts of your favorite contacts. With this app, users can also benefit from other services like image editors and action scheduler.


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