Nexus Player vs. Apple TV – Will It Be iOS or Android To Win The War?

Google entered the market as an infant but we never thought they could actually make products that rival the mammoth Apple Company.

But, they broke all records and Android is one of the most used operating systems around the globe and it wouldn’t be surprising if we say a desktop version of the same comes out to rival Microsoft. For now, the company is going against Apple into the home entertainment zone. The hot topic Nexus Player Vs Apple TV is just heating up and once the device launches, the comparison will be higher and tougher to beat with the Android OS having such a strong user base already.


On the specifications front, both the players have an HDMI output and come with in-built storage space of 8 GB. Apple has never been keen on providing more power for their users and it is evident here as well because there is only 512 MB of RAM whereas the Nexus Player has 1 GB of RAM to keep apps working as zippy as ever. The Nexus has a 1.8 GHz processor under the Intel Atom series, whereas Apple uses A5, which is quite outdated by now. In the design front, both of them look almost the same. Google has opted for a rounded black design whereas Apple has come out with a device that is square shaped and has a smooth, premium finish.

Remote and Apps

The most important feature in the Nexus Player vs. Apple TV comparison is their ability to let you easily navigate. The Google product will launch with just 30 apps as per the sources, whereas Apple TV has over 100 apps compatible with all their devices. However, Android is there to help them out in terms of easy connectivity and the app collection will soon increase. The remote is very simple, yet has all the features that you look for. It has voice control, which makes it more futuristic; but we are not sure if you would enjoy shouting into the remote as well, not just your smartphone. Apple TV remote is more simplistic with just a click wheel to navigate between apps. It is not so fancy; yet gets most of the jobs done.

Concluding the Nexus Player vs. Apple TV comparison is not easy because they are priced the same at $99. But, for now Nexus is leading with its voice control, ease of use and potential growth but we can say that only after Apple refreshes their TV device.

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