Nintendo 3DS Web Filter Blocks Adult Content and Keep Kids Safe

The new Nintendo 3DS is officially out in Japan and the makers are really keen to make sure their handheld gaming consoles are safe for the kids.

The product has been introduced to a range of new features, including, faster CPU to handle processes faster, an improved C stick which lets you navigate your virtual characters with ease and stereoscopic 3D viewing that is exceptionally real life like, when compared to the older version of the console.

Safeguarding Children

When compared to the earlier model, the new Nintendo 3DS uses a mandatory pay wall system, which automatically blocks adult websites. The concept is simple but kids may not be able to pay using a credit card system right? That’s the idea behind this adult content filter which asks you to pay a nominal fee of 30 Yen, which is 30 cents in U.S. dollars. Only when you successfully pay using your credit card, the content will be unlocked and shown to you. The pay is too low to be considered to be a payment but the idea of Nintendo is to not extract money out of their users, but rather simply block children from accessing unwanted content. The feature allows parents to secure their young ones from explicit content and there are additional parental control options which add an additional layer of protection.

Works, Almost Every Time

We can confidently say that the browser system in the new Nintendo 3DS is quite safe and doesn’t allow any adult content to pass through. However, it is still unable to block Google images. While they have made sure that even dating websites are blocked from being accessed, it is the images provided by the search engine that manages to pass through easily. A team of people tried using multiple search terms and a lot of those were blocked but it didn’t when we started using Google images. The problem is that a lot of kids these days are exceptionally tech savvy and they know how to bypass such filters if a situation arises whereas adults are still coping with the changing trends.

It is expected that the Nintendo 3DS may get an update soon which will help them block this loophole and allow kids to be much safer, than they already are, with the adult content filter system. The company has always been in the forefront of making their platform more kid friendly and we are sure they will work out a way to fix this one as well.


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