Nintendo Debuts New 3DS Themes with System Update

If you feel that your Nintendo 3DS console doesn’t have the snazzy looks and need a bit of sprucing up, you may find your answer now. The company has finally rolled out a new system update for the 3DS handheld console, which brings in a whole lot of new themes for the device and allows users to customize them as they like to. While this is not an update that is related to performance, gaming or other important additions, themes definitely play an integral role in keeping gamers busy throughout the time they spend with the console.

Downloadable Free and Paid Themes

The Nintendo 3DS now has both free and paid themes which you can download to adorn your handheld console. The downloadable themes add a visual overhaul to the hardware which allows players to set new wallpapers, background images. There’s also an option to change the sound effects, music and use custom icons for folders in the console.

You will get all these and more when you download the firmware version 9.0.0 20U which brings five different free themes for the operating system. When you get the firmware, you have all the freedom to swap between all five of them as you please. Once you get tired of using them all over, there’s more to purchase from the eShop. For 3DS owners who live in Japan, there are more than 40 themes available for purchase.


The pricing for it is at 100 Yen in Japan which is slightly lesser than $1, if you are planning to purchase it in other countries. The pricing of the same themes is a bit higher in the UK. Apart from adding the themes option, the new update also now allows users to capture screenshots of their home screen. Similarly, on the Nintendo 3DS eShop you will be able to access game demos, videos, user reviews and other information on the title page. The developers have also increased overall system stability for ease of use.

With the firmware update, the themes are now available for both 3DS and 3DS XL consoles. They will work seamlessly with the new Nintendo 3DS handheld, which the company revealed with fully customizable back plates, NFC capability and a secondary analog stick. The new console is all set to start shipping from 2015 onwards; but it will be region locked so as to make it easy to distribute region specific content without any difficulty.





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