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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Nintendo is making a Gameboy Emulator for Phones, Patent Confirmed

Nintendo is making a Gameboy Emulator for Phones, Patent Confirmed By – Dec 10, 2014 3 0 SHARE

When Wii U didn’t make a great run in the market, Nintendo decided to take things in their own hands.

With over two years in the market, the console hardware has sold really less and every gamer knows that it’s because of the lack of good games that led to this failure. However, things are slowly picking up with the release of Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

However, from recent announcements and the patent they have filed, Nintendo seems to be going forward with the idea of releasing all their greatest games on their older consoles on the new hardware. The patent and the emulator will now allow the company to bring their games on Game Boy Color as well as Game Boy advance on to other platforms. By other platforms, the company refers to Android tablets, smartphones, iOS devices among others.

Official Emulator Releasing

There are usually multiple Game Boy emulators by now in the market. Most of them would work on your Android phone as well as on the PC. Even you can map the controllers and play them using an Xbox 360 or any other game pad of your choice. But, if Nintendo officially patents their own emulator and starts releasing games it might definitely expand their horizons with a lot of exclusive titles that they might release in the upcoming months.

According to the official statements retrieved from the patent office, Nintendo has secured the emulator rights for Gameboy Color and Gameboy advance games to be used on smartphones as well as on the backseat of airplanes so people could play their favorite titles on the go. It has also been added that the company has no plans to release their games on devices for now but are simply securing their position in the market.

Handheld Consoles Still Matter

Nintendo in multiple press statements confirmed that their titles like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Super Smash Bros for the 3DS console definitely sold well. It confirmed that handheld consoles that are dedicated purely for gaming and not for any of the other activities like making phone calls or messaging still matters to the majority of the crowd.

So far, the company has made some good profit during the holiday sales with both their Wii U console as well as their handheld devices including 3DS, 2DS. The launch of first party titles has boosted sales to a good extent.


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