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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Nintendo Shows off New Slim Gamepad in Advertisement

Nintendo Shows off New Slim Gamepad in Advertisement By – Dec 20, 2014 13 1 SHARE

While it is still unclear, this is something fans have been requesting for a long time.

Even though, the first party titles and console has gained enough reputation in recent times, the gamepad on Nintendo Wii U is definitely not the best. It is quite bulky, doesn’t have good signal capacity because of the wireless connection used in it and doesn’t solve the purpose of a good gamepad to play games unless you decide to invest in a Wii mote or the dedicated controller.

A new advertisement which has been released for Mario Kart 8 shows off a gamepad which looks much slimmer and sleeker than the one that we have now. It is not confirmed by the company yet but people believe that this could be a revamped version of the hardware that Nintendo might start selling separately. The video is out of focus and is available on YouTube if you like to check it out.

Improved Features

The new slimmer gamepad is expected to sport a larger screen which may make it a bit tough to hold when playing but if you plan to use it more as a secondary console, as you would do with a PS Vita, the bigger screen is a boon. All latest games and upcoming ones would definitely look much better on it because of the improved size and it also uses a thinner bezel.

It could be similar to what we see in new age tablets and the slimmer form factor should make the gamepad easily fit in your hands without any discomfort. From the blurred image, it looks like there will be new rubber grips used on the sides of the pad for increased grip while being intensely engaged in action packed titles.

Multiple Gamepad Support

For now, no games on Nintendo Wii U support multiple gamepads. It can be used with only one game but Shigeru Miyamoto has promised that they will soon roll out an update for the console besides new games that would support this feature. If it does, more people will be able to play in the household and it will also lead to family games which Nintendo is famous for.

The year of 2015 is definitely the one for the Wii U console because after being an underperformer for nearly two years, it has sprung back to glory with some amazing titles and have sold out games in the market. With new gamepad and titles, it could very well be the next bestseller on its own platform.


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