Nokia Here Maps App Available as a Free Download

Nokia Here Maps App Free Download is now available for any Android 4.1 Jelly Bean smartphones. Originally, Nokia’s HERE maps did appear way back late in year 2012 on Android.

However, this was a random effort and Nokia as well admitted to that and this is the reason as to why it was quickly pulled back. Back in august, it announced that it will launch a brand new HERE maps application exclusively for the Samsung’s Android based Galaxy phones. But now, free from Microsoft’s shackles, the finnish company has actually announced that any type of phone that runs the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that has got over 1GB of RAM can comfortably download the app.

HERE Maps’ basics

HERE Maps allows you to download accurate and high-quality maps on your tablet. It is a complete mapping application that is designed to work even without the data connection so that you can rely on it especially when travelling or even out of your home. It helps you to find the quickest way around the city with walking, driving as well as public transit directions to various places that you would like to go. HERE Maps is definitely the ideal companion for your Smartphone and also the best way to plan ahead.

The features

  • Download the maps to your tablet and uses them for free when you are abroad or when there is no data connection or availability of Wi-Fi.
  • Sets your position manually for fast and an accurate navigation.
  • Get walking, driving as well as public transit directions even with no data connection.
  • Saves some of your favorites places in your personal collection.
  • Picks the map view that you need such as satellite, local traffic, public transit, street level and regular street map.
  • Tilts the map to see the cities and buildings in 3D.
  • Stays in the know with the live traffic information.
  • Discover and also find the top places that are nearby and see the photos, reviews as well as contact info.

 Where can you download this app?

This particular application can easily be downloaded from HERE’s website. However, it’s not available on Google Play store. This simply means that the app can be installed only through a process called side-loading. Most likely, Nokia is sorting out the bug fixes and it’s incorporating feedback from the Android users ahead of releasing it in the Google Play Store.

You can simply download the app file from the Here’s website. In order to access its file, the users will require a full manager application in vane of the Astro File Manager. This application can simply be opened and also installed but the users must go to settings menu and then enter a security sub-menu, whereby you should select the unknown sources located in the more options header. After it has been installed, the application will then be available in the application drawer.

With Nokia Here Maps App Free Download, you can comfortably drive in and find you way if you want. However, if you would like to extend the pleasure and to make sure that you are getting the most out of this application, simply download it.

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