Nokia Lumia 520 vs. Nokia Lumia 525 – Specifications and Pricing Compared

The Lumia 520 remains one of the most successful entry level Windows phones of recent times.

The model was fairly successful because it managed to pack a fair bit of features along with an extremely attractive price. Naturally, the successor of this phone had a big job on its hands. It seems that Nokia has another winner on its hands after the launch of the Lumia 525 at the start of the year.


One of the biggest hallmarks of the Lumia 520 was its large 4 inch display packed in an extremely well-made body. Of course, it would be unfair to expect anything other than polycarbonate at this price, but Nokia does not appear to have used lower grade plastics in order to reduce the price of the phone. Instead, the feel of the device in the hand is extremely good. The same aspect continues in the Lumia 525 as well. This phone retains many aspects of its predecessor like the display and resolution. This is because most of the changes have come internally.


A positive aspect of the Lumia 520 was the performance of the device with its dual core 1 GHz processor. It is certainly not the fastest processor in the world, by any means; but because the Windows Phone OS has been optimized so well, this phone offers a high-end feel on every occasion. This aspect is retained on the Lumia 525 as well. It features the same processor without any change, but the biggest difference comes in the amount of RAM available for this processor. It has been bumped from 512 MB in the Lumia 520 to 1 GB. This straightaway improves the multitasking ability of the device quite significantly.

Operating System

For the moment, it has not had substantial changes to the operating system versions. Both phones will run on the latest 8.1 version of the Windows Phone OS that comes complete with notification area and background picture support. This is a marked improvement over the first few generations of the Windows Phone OS. The app ecosystem has also improved dramatically in the last few years with most of the popular apps from the Android and iOS counterparts now available on the store.


Nokia offers a familiar five megapixel camera, which has been seen in a number of Lumia devices of late, along with a vast array of features that include 720p HD video recording. One of the biggest pitfalls of this camera is the lack of flash, but it is unlikely to be a huge complaint given that it is an entry-level product.

The battery size of 1430 mAh has been retained on the Lumia 525 as in its predecessor. The phone continues to be available in several colors like the Lumia 520. Some of the additional features include 15 GB free storage on OneDrive, which is Microsoft’s cloud solution. The Lumia 520 is available for a bargain $90 while the more recent Lumia 525 costs $140.

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