Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nokia Lumia 720 – Which Wears The Windows 8 Suit Better?

The Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 have a lot of common elements such as the fact that they both run on Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform. Exterior and interior similarities are easy to spot with these two, but they are not identical all the way. Let’s take a minute to see what exactly makes the difference between the two handsets sitting on top of the affordable Windows 8 running device pile.


The Lumia 520 is smaller and therefore more compact and easy to transport or use, but it’s made out of a plastic that some may call flimsy or cheap-feeling. The Lumia 720 is made of plastic as well, but it’s a superior plastic that feels great in the hand. The device is also bigger than the 520.


As far as resolution goes, both devices have the same, which is 480 x 800. The screens are based on IPS LCD technology and have their own sizes. The Lumia 520 features a 4 inch display that provides a pretty boring image. The Lumia 720 is at the other edge, with a very bright screen that makes everything in the image look more alive. The display measures 4.3 inches, therefore there is more room to display its vividness.


As pointed per GSM Arena, the Lumia 720  and 520 don’t really come with much differences in terms of specs. The processor is the same, as we’re talking about the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus. The RAM capacity is 512 MB in both cases while the internal storage capacity is 8 GB, If you add a microSD card to the setup you can get up to 64 GB.


The Lumia 720 comes with a 6.7 MP camera on the rear which pretty much says it all, as the Lumia 520 only provides a 5 MP lens that has no front facing camera or LED flash for that matter, which can support it. The Lumia 720 comes with both those things. Although both devices support 30 fps video shooting at 720p, the Lumia 720 does a far greater job than the other Lumia device.


This category is also won by the 720, with a 2000 mAh battery than ranks higher. The Lumia 520 only offers 1430 mAh  therefore will give out much faster than the 720.


The Lumia 720 is more expensive than the 520, but both stay in a price range that allows us to call them “affordable”. The price spike from one of the devices to the other is understandable since the Lumia 720 is one step ahead its competitor in every category, and there is no doubt that the 720 is the better choice here.


On, the Lumia 720 is around $380, while the Lumia 520 is under $100.

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