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Friday, April 3, 2015

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Nokia Lumia 535 vs Lumia 635 – The Evolution Of The Lumia…

Nokia Lumia 535 vs Lumia 635 – The Evolution Of The Lumia Series By – Dec 10, 2014 63 0 SHARE

After buying Nokia, everyone was curious if Microsoft will stop manufacturing the Lumia series, but then the Lumia 535 was announced and it was released last month. The other model came in June and has a similar design.


The Lumia 535 is larger than the 635 model, but it has a slimmer body, measuring 8.8mm, compared to 9.2mm, and has a length of 140,2mm, a width of 72.4mm and a weight of 146grams. The Lumia 635 is 129.5mm tall, has a width of 66.7mm and it’s 12grams lighter. In terms of design, both devices feature a plastic back with round edges and corners, and they have in common four variants of colors: white, black, green and orange, but the Lumia 535 bring two additional colors: gray and blue, while the Lumia 635 has another yellow variant. Also, the rear panel from the Lumia 525 has a glossy finish with the Microsoft logo imprinted on the vertical, while the Lumia 635 has a matte cover and three capacitive buttons below the screen. Plus, both front panels are protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.


The Lumia 535 has a large display of 5inches which is IPS LCD with 540×960 pixels and 220 ppi, while the Lumia 635 has a smaller IPS LCD screen of 4.5inches, which supports a resolution of 480×854 pixels and a similar pixel density.

Processors and Memories

Microsoft used the same Cortex A7 processor with four cores, clocked at 1.2GHz, from the Lumia 635, but downgraded the chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 to Snapdragon 200 and the Adreno graphics from 305 to 302. Not the wisest decision, but at least the price of the new model is smaller as well. Fortunately, the new Lumia 535 came with 1GB RAM, double the RAM capacity from the Lumia 635, but the internal memory is identical at 8GB, with the possibility to add a microSD card and obtain 128GB.

In terms of operating system, both devices run on Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1.


We were hoping that the Lumia 535 will have an improved rear camera, but it seems that the only feature that was added to the 5MP shooter is the LED flash, but the device record videos at 480p@30fps instead of 720p@30fps, like the Lumia 635. However, the previous model lacked a secondary camera and the Lumia 535 has a 5MP front camera.

Nokia Lumia 535 vs Lumia 635 2


The Lumia 635 supports only one card, while the 535 can use two SIM cards, just like the Lumia 630, which has the same specs as the 635. However, the 635 supports 4G LTE, while the Lumia 535 doesn’t provide this option. Some mutual features with the 635 are 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, aGPS and microUSB.


The second advantage of the Lumia 535, which takes the face off the Lumia 635 is the bigger battery of 1,905 mAh which claims to support 13 hours of talking time on 3G, but the Lumia 635, with its 1830 mAh battery offers an extra hour of talktime.


In the US, the Lumia 535 costs around 170 dollars, while the Lumia 635 is 10 dollars more expensive.


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