Nokia Lumia 625 vs. Micromax Canvas 3D A115 – Better Smartphone Experience at an Affordable Price

The Lumia line of handsets from Nokia takes pride in being a colorful and powerful Windows Phone.

The Nokia Lumia 625 is similar to its siblings, which run smoothly, being equipped with the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The device offers the user with a decent 4.7-inch display providing a better viewing experience for the users. On the other hand, the Indian smartphone manufacturer, Micromax has successfully made quite an impression in the International mobile arena. The release of Canvas 3D A115 smartphone from Micromax comprises of a decent 5-inch screen. However, the 480 x 800 pixels of resolution offered by the Micromax handset is a bit on the lower side. As a result, the display offers a lower pixel density of 187-ppi (pixels per inch).

Let us stack up both the handsets against each other, with respect to their interface, functionality and processor to determine a better handset.

Interface and Functionality

Comparing the Windows Phone OS to Android would make an interesting review.

The Nokia Lumia 625 smartphone incorporates the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The WP 8 OS of the Lumia 625 handset comes with Amber update. Moreover, the handset comprises of dual homescreen panels. The first panel comprises of Live Tile home screen and the second panel incorporates a list of the various applications installed in the handset.

The Micromax Canvas 3D A115 handset comprises of the Android based operating system. To be precise, the handset runs on the Android version 4.1.2 OS, aiming to provide the user with a smooth functioning of the handset. Among a plethora of features offered by the smartphone, the Space Launcher has gained much popularity with the users.

The Space Launcher feature aims to provide the user with quick and easy right of entry to video player, 3D gallery and YouTube. The handset also comes equipped with additional features such as 3D customization and more.


The Lumia 625 smartphone comprises of a Snapdragon S4 chipset from Qualcomm, along with a dual core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz. In addition, the Adreno-305 graphic processor and 512MB of RAM supply power to the Lumia 625.

On the other hand, the Micromax Canvas 3D A115 handset incorporates a MTK6577 chipset along with a dual core processor, clocked at 1.2GHz. The handset comes equipped with 512MB of RAM, similar to the Micromax handset.

Both the handsets come with an affordable price tag. However, the Lumia 625 comes with a number of sacrifices in specs and features department, to bring the handset into the medium priced segment. The Micromax handset, being a novice in the mobile arena, is offered at a lower launch price.

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