Nokia X vs Samsung Galaxy Core – Specifications and Pricing Comparison

Nokia appeared seemingly heading towards becoming the flagship bearer of the Windows phone operating system, but it has stunned everyone by announcing a phone with the Android operating system.

Many have criticized the company for not adopting this Google powered operating system, but they seem to have answered this calls by the launch of the Nokia X. Unlike most of the Android phones in the market, this device uses the free version of the software. One of the phones competing alongside it will be the Samsung Galaxy Core.


The Android operating system found on the Nokia X is vastly different from the one found on the Samsung Galaxy Core. The latter uses the traditional Android OS along with the TouchWiz user interface to deliver a similar design to most Samsung users. Nokia, meanwhile, tries to bring the best of both worlds. It not only offers the popular Android operating system with its huge availability of apps, but it also provides the phone its own ecosystem of apps.

This is largely built upon the Maps, which have till date emerged as one of the greatest competitors for Google Maps.


Like the philosophies, the way the phones approach the user are also extremely different. Samsung manages to leap ahead through the use of a slightly powerful processor and significant amount of additional RAM. It comes with specifications of a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM. This is a sharp contrast to Nokia, which offers the Nokia X with a dual core 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM.

The differences with regard to power end here because both phones come with the same snapdragon processor and Adreno 203 graphics processing unit. They also come with the Android 4.1 version as standard. The user interface, though, is highly differentiable between the two devices due to the usage of the TouchWiz user interface of the Samsung.

Google Applications

Bringing the full version of the Android operating system in the Samsung has its own advantages since the phone includes a number of Google apps by default. Google search, YouTube, Gmail, calendar are some of the different Google elements that come integrated with the phone. However, they can be introduced on the Nokia X as well, but most users will prefer their being inbuilt rather than having to install separately.

Samsung Edges in Battery Power

The Samsung device will be able to last for much longer due to the usage of a very powerful 1800 mAh battery. In contrast, the Nokia device uses only a 1500 unit. The talk times under both 3G and 2G mode are similar in both phones. They will be able to last in excess of 10 hours in both modes. This is largely due to the 4 inch and 4.3 inch displays in the Nokia and Samsung respectively.

The Nokia X is an entry-level smartphone targeted to improve the market share of Nokia and it is available at just $ 150, while the Samsung Galaxy Core will be available at a price of $ 230.

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