Nokia XL vs. Nokia X – Pricing and Specifications Comparison

Nokia shocked the world by introducing a range of Android phones at a time when they seemed to be completely dependent on the Windows Phone OS.

The Nokia XL and the Nokia X are two phones that offer the Android OS in Nokia hardware, which has been a dream combination for many. However, this is not the regular OS from Google seen in several phones in the last few years. Instead, the Nokia devices used the open source version of the OS with limited functionalities. As a result, one will not be able to access the Play Store apps directly.


Hardware wise, the Nokia X and the Nokia XL are vastly different, primarily because of the screen size. The Nokia X is a phone that is meant for those looking for convenience from their mobile phones in terms of portability, while the Nokia XL is intended to provide large screen experience for a greater multimedia experience. Since the two phones offer the same 480 x 800 pixel resolution, pixel density is only average while the figures suffer on the Nokia XL because of the large display.


The large display also makes the Nokia XL extremely heavy at 190 g, which is closer to the phablet territory. The Nokia X is much more user-friendly, weighing in at just 128 g. Since both devices use the IPS panel, the ability to use the phone in direct sunlight is not going to be a problem.

Internally, the two phones offer the similar 4 GB storage, while the feature that allows 32 GB to be added through memory cards is also similar. The similarities extend into the connectivity department, where almost everything ranging from the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi, and 3G data speeds are almost same. The two phones support a maximum of 7 Mb per second while downloading and 5.7 Mb per second in terms of uploading.


A five megapixel camera is used in the rear of the Nokia XL, while the phone also has the added front facing camera. This two megapixel camera can be used to render self-portraits, which have become extremely popular in recent times. The Nokia X has to do with only a rear camera, which is a 3.15 megapixel camera. However, the lack of flash and a couple of other important features mean that it is extremely basic. The presence of LED flash allows night photography on the Nokia XL to be possible to a certain extent. The sensor size of the camera is also slightly larger.


The Android 4.1 version is used on both devices and it looks highly unlikely that they will receive an update in the future. Theoretically, this phone should bring the benefits of the Android apps as well, but Nokia has a controlling aspect of the phone in this regard. The dual core 1 GHz A5 processor is similar. The Nokia XL retails at $180 while the Nokia X is slightly cheaper at around $120.

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