Nvidia Shield LTE – The Best Tablet For Gamers?

The Nvidia Shield LTE tablet is easily the best gaming tablet to ever be released. It includes the capability to stream games to your computer with a very smooth streaming performance, and now with 4g support, you can do so on the go.

A full review would be incomplete without the Nvidia and Gamestream controller.


With the capability to connect directly with your TV set, you can use the wireless controller to play games on your TV or even your PC and it currently includes a wide selection of games to chose from. You can easily disconnect the streaming service and continue gaming on the 8 inch full HD tablet screen for a seamless change of your gaming media. All this is enabled by a HDMI Mini port on the top left edge of the tablet.


There are quite some similarities to Microsoft’s Surface Pro such as the soft touch, thin and boxy design but the Nvidia Shield LTE tablet is impressively thin measuring only 9.2mm in width. It weighs only 390g which is surprisingly light given the amount of power it packs. A very noticeable design component are the wide bezels which when clutched in landscape mode make it easy to handle even during long gaming sessions.

The top edge of the tablet has a memory slot for micro memory SD cards and another slot for a micro SIM. Both of these slots are neatly concealed by soft flaps that camouflage with the tablet’s design.

Operating System

Gaming capabilities are based on Android 4.4 KitKat and Nvidia has gladly not messed up with the operating system despite adding on its own creativity and gaming applications.

Performance And Battery Life

The tablet packs an ultra fast 2.2Ghz Tegra K1 processor which is the most powerful and graphics capable mobile processor. It is built to handle graphic intensive games which makes it possible to play intense PS4 and XBOX titles such as Trine 2 and Half Life.

With all its gaming capabilities, you would expect a slight compromise on battery life but this is something we have come to expect with all smart mobile devices. A battery drain test around two hours of gaming and a few hours of streaming dropped the charge down to 15% so the battery life is still impressive even with the very high power demands from the hardware. Video streaming should result well over 4 hours of battery life. Nvidia promise that the tablet will deliver well up to 40 hours of gaming time per charge.

Media And Display

Boasting an IPS display that is Full HD and delivers 1920 x 1200, you can expect crystal clear visuals and a memorable viewing experience with 284 PPI (pixels per inch) which is the same PPI as a Nexus 7. The tablet also has wide viewing angles with no noticeable loss in visual display quality.

A gaming tablet would be incomplete without a decent sound output so Nvidia included one pair of stereo speakers on each side of the tablet in landscape mode. The sound may not beat what you get from your home theater but it is way better than all other tablets including an iPad mini.

Nvidia’s Shield tablet is the perfect accessory for every gamer providing great value for money and proving to be the ultimate tablet for all your gaming needs.

However, for non-gamers, the Nexus 7 is definitely a much better option since it spots similar features to Nvidia’s Shield Tablet LTE such as a neat Android experience and a Full HD display.

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