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Monday, March 23, 2015

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Our Top Clash of Clans Attack Strategies For You

Our Top Clash of Clans Attack Strategies For You By – Nov 16, 2014 27 0 SHARE

Clans of clans uses many attack strategies so that you can be able to advance successfully.

There is no one strategy that can be said to be the best for all attackers and bases, you should simply find the strategy that is going to work best for you. For most of the time, you may mix several strategies and try out different mixes of troops so that you may advance and level up quickly.

Here are several strategies available to advance.

Create a new attack strategy

Creating a new attack strategy is the first step. To create a new attack strategy, you need to enter the name of your new strategy, it should be unique with no hashes, colons, slashes and click on the icon “Add New Strategy” icon.

Farming attack strategies

Farming attack strategy is a tactic which focuses on gaining loot and ignoring the quest to gain trophies. Most farmers will most of the time focus on gaining gold. However, it is sometimes possible to farm for Dark Elixir or Elixir.
Barbarians and Archers: One important farming strategy is to use Barbarians and Archers while using very few wall-breakers. The main goal of the Barbarians and Archers army will be to have a cheap and fast army that lets you attack frequently at very low costs.

Trophy attack strategies

Trophy attack strategies will generally the need or cost for various loots. On the other hand, they will focus majorly on gaining as much trophies as possible. Hunting for trophies could be very different compared to the initial farming strategy. This is because one encounters very strong bases until one gets top. Trophy hunting will focus on two major strategies for attack and hunting.

Focus on high number of 1-2 Star wins: the first strategy will focus on earning many Star wins, this will give you a small amount of trophies with large number of attacks. The strength with this strategy is that you will be able to attack using troops at low costs. However, you may take a long time with this strategy. One loss could also take many distances back.

Building higher cost attempts and armies: the second trophy strategy will be to build higher and stronger cost armies while you try to earn a 2-3 Star in every attack. The advantage with this strategy is that you will be able to gain more trophies in a battle and that you will take a lot less time in gaming. The cost for this strategy can however be quite high, you may also not be able to make enough loots in a battle to keep using troops. Another advantage is that you may never get a complete loss, losing a battle will mostly lead to earning 1 star instead.

Heroes attack strategy

Using heroes to assist with attacking will be a great addition to the attacking force. You can throw a hero to a battle without caring much about losing. Barbarian king hero will be best used as a Meat Shield and also for the high DPS.

The Archer Queen is another effective heroine, she gets quite effective when she is behind Meat Shield troops. This is because she has an enormous attacking range. She is also bound to work well behind archers, she will stay much further back and will not get targeted quite frequently.

Attacking with Spells

Spells are usually a fantastic and creative way to attack, it will boost you and help you get lots of trophies and even earn extra Loot. Rage and Heal is one spell-attack strategy to use. Here you will drop spells a few meters at the front of where your troops are going. Your troops will therefore walk into these spells. This spell will work well with troops that are highly damaged for Rage and with high hit points for Healing. Many Heal spells will provide more healing but many Rage spells may not provide an increased speeds and damage.

Lightning strategy

Lightning strategy is primarily used to lower lighting levels at the town hall. You can later use this when attacking Dark Elixir storages. Another use for lighting is to drop this spell on Mortar or Air Defence when starting to attack. This will increase the probability of you winning the attack.

Attacking with Wall-breakers

Wall-breakers use Artificial Intelligence where they target walls which trap buildings. Wall-breakers will look for the nearest building which is trapped and then will target the weakest and closest wall which is trapping the building. In case a building is not trapped but the path within that building is quite long, the wall-breaker acts as if that building is trapped. When the trapped buildings are quite far, then the wall-breakers will simply attack their closest walls.

Wall-breakers usually have a small delay in which they use to set their bombs. Therefore, if you deploy all your wall-breakers at once, they will use 5-6 bombs to blow one wall even if 1-2 bombs was all that was required. You should thus deploy wall-breakers one by one.

Healer attack strategy

When attacking with healers it is important to note that they cannot be able to heal a troop that is dead. They are therefore very effective when used with massive hit-points such as Golems, PEKKAS and Giants. They may not be able to heal all troops that are flying and are sometimes not very effective with Dragons. The healing rates with heroes are also halved, healers are therefore less effective with heroes. They can be great at the end of a battle where you stop your hero and make him sleep for a long time.

Healers are however easily taken out by Air Defence and could easily hurt by Air Mines. Before deploying healers, clear Air Defence and Air mines using your troops. If you have them already deployed, you can clear them with Air Bombs or Air mines.

Advancing in the clash of clans will be made easy according to the attack strategy you use. All these attack strategies work well, it just depends on what you find easy. You can combine these strategies or find one that you find easy to use and advance your level.


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