Papa Pear Saga – Pointers for the Puzzling Saga, the makers of the addictive Candy Crush Saga have done the same amount of justice to another addictive gameplay and that’s Papa Pear Saga.

Simple tips to get your way out of this game by shooting pears and clearing acorns, etc. will help your way out of this puzzling saga. Here’s a compilation of quick tips for you.

Go, Get a Life

When you start with the game, your account will be credited with 5 lives to play with. Each time you lose in front of your obstacle, you will be deprived of one life. No lives just mean you have lost them all. To recoup your ‘given away’ lives, you will have to wait for the next 30 minutes.

The trick here is resetting your clock to run 30 minutes ahead of the actual time. Once you reset your clock and start over your gameplay, it takes a few minutes to load the game. In this time gap, you can get back discreetly to your settings and reset your time.

Congrats, you just got a set of 5 lives all for free. If you don’t prefer this stealthy way, then you can always take the social media road to drive along. Ask your friends on FB and if they understand the worth of a life on this gameplay, they will grant you one!

The Plethora of Power-Ups

When you keep playing the game, achieving a certain score or attaining a certain level will allow you to bang on power-ups. It is important that you don’t let these go by; hit the set targets and grab them to your pocket.

There are 5 such power-ups you’ll have to aim for and those include: double pin, wakeup pin, grande pin, fire pin and multiplier pin. Each of these power-ups has different attributes to the game. While one will give you the bouncing power, another will increase your lifespan in the game and so on. Make use of each power-up at the right place and instance.

Snatch the Special Pegs

On the top of your screen in the gameplay, you’ll find special pegs popping up. These pegs are not for you to ignore. They are perks or boosts for your scorecard. They help you in clearing out a clone of your current set of pears. When you put the special peg to needy times like this, you’ll end being gifted with a free duplicate pear which will clear away the other obstacles and raise your score like magic.

There’s another special peg called the Papa Fire Peg, which has the ability to change your current pear into a flaming pear that sets the other pegs on fire, when they meet each other. When there’s fire set, you’ll find it easy to knock down the crowd of clones you just gathered!

Shoot at a Stretch

There may be times you’ll be frantically hitting your mobile screen to clear the clutter before you hit the set time for that particular level. This is when you try your luck by shooting many pears at a stretch. While you shoot more than one pear at a time, you’ll end up with clearing many of those back logs even before you notice and you will also be able to hit the time mark.

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