Papa Pear Saga – Tips and Tricks for Overcoming the Challenging Levels

Papa Pear Saga combines pinball with fruit-shooting entertainment gameplay mechanics.

This game comes with many challenging levels that will keep you busy for several hours. Instead of shooting at bubbles, you will be shooting at carrots, acorns and various fruits and vegetables.

This game also gives you other objectives like lighting animated buckets. You get to do this by shooting balls that are pear-shaped into the buckets. When you do, you are able to score some points.

Papa Pear Saga is an easy game to play, and the interface is simple and user-friendly. When playing this game, you will realize that going through the first few stages is a breeze. The game, however, becomes more challenging as you level up. Here are some tips that will help you out in the tough levels.

Gameplay Hints

At the screen’s top is the pear shooter. Move the cursor to aim and then shoot at the vegetables and fruits. Destroying pegs also scores you points.

Each level has several objectives like removing carrots, radishes, acorns and other vegetables and fruits. Your objective is to light up the buckets to score points by shooting the pears into the buckets. There are some levels that will require you to push larger fruits into the buckets and to remove a specific number of fruits or vegetables.

Boosters are offered throughout the game at intervals. These help you achieve the objectives, and you can also purchase them using your Facebook credits. Boosters are mostly strategically placed between pegs in most levels.

Failure to complete any of the set objectives means that you lose a life. In order for the lives to refill, you will need a break of about 15 minutes. You can, however, request Facebook friends for additional lives. You should add as many Facebook friends as you can and invite them all to play the game. They could bail you out when you are stuck.

Tricks and Tips

If you are at a level where you are required to light up all buckets and score a specific number of points, start by completing the objective you have been given first. Get additional points by shooting at grouped pegs. You should not worry about lighting the buckets immediately. After you have met the objective, you can directly aim at the remaining buckets to light them up.

If you would like to score more points by destroying many pegs, shoot multiple pears.

Earn a multiplier peg by destroying vegetables and fruits of the same type. The Multiplier pegs will double the points you get for a bounce.

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