PES 2015 – The Best Features Soccer Fans Get This Year

Are you all excited about the PES 2015 already?

If you are a true fan of the series, you are definitely going to enjoy this year’s offering like never before. The developers at Konami have made sure that things are much more sophisticated and have invested hours to ensure the best quality soccer for gamers this year. They call it recreating a pitch perfect game, where players are in complete control of every move which will make you feel yourself engrossed into the game and be able to tackle the ball as you please, to score against opponents.

The Pitch Is Yours

Konami calls it the ‘Pitch is Yours’, but to gamers, we say that it is yours. We had the chance to play the demo version of the game and it is brilliant to the core. Every pass that you make, shot you take and the movement of the ball has been fine tuned to perfection. The controls are extremely responsive this time where you get to move at blazing speeds and every tap you make on the controller actually has an impact in the game. The movement is very fluid and you have a whole lot of new dribbling skills to master. Instead of moving the ball at the same space which usually makes it tough to outwit an opponent, the game allows you to sprint, juggle or pass the ball with relative ease.

An AI Like Never Before

Compared to the previous games, PES 2015 has a highly developed AI. It is the players from the opponent team who always give you a tough competition. Instead of being programmed bots, they now move with more vigor and can think as a human player would do. The AI constantly adjusts to match its movement based on the way the game is going and the pitch’s conditions. Instead of being aggressive or defensive all the time, the players offer tough competition whereas players in your team will offer great support throughout the game.

Besides, when you play PES 2015, you will realize that the game offers better control on tackling the ball while giving you the much needed freedom to hold up the play as you please. Every new addition is supported by the Fox Engine which Konami has introduced with the game to compete with their long time rival FIFA 15. It brings the players, the crowd and the entire ground to life with detailed perfection.

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