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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Determining Which Is The Best When…

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Determining Which Is The Best When Specs Are The Same By – Oct 27, 2014 0 0 SHARE

Technology has improved in such a manner that comparing specifications just won’t be enough anymore. There was a time when you could say which console was better based on which had more RAM, but now, the specifications are pretty much the same, and to determine which of these two consoles is better on specs alone would be a very long and difficult journey. Therefore, we are taking this comparison into a different direction, while still mentioning what exactly makes machines purr.


Nowadays, gaming consoles are far from being just about gaming. The Xbox One took a very large step away from being just a gaming machine, and actually put a lot of focus on the media and TV watching side. The Xbox One comes with its own content channel in addition to the rich collection of popular services such as Hulu, Netflix, VUDU or Crackle. ESPN, Machinima, The CW, NFL and others are also present in the Microsoft ecosystem in the form of apps. The bottom line that the Xbox One comes with a large variety of content that should be able to satisfy even the pickiest of users. The Xbox One even comes with a Blu-Ray player.

With a HDMI cable and the Kinect sensor, you can even hook up your Xbox One so that you gain control of your TV cable box and van even control it vocally.

It’s safe to say that Sony’s PlayStation 4 falls short on this category, as it can’t match Microsoft’s offer on media content and media related capabilities of the Xbox One console which cand also be used to play CDs and MP3 files exclusively.

The Controller and Motion Sensor

The Xbox One comes with a user interface built around the improved Kinect 2.0. The sensor is included with every Xbox One, which means that you can’t buy an Xbox One without the sensor and that is seen in the price tag as well. Also, it means that you will be able to control your device through motion and even voice control. More support for the sensor is expected now that developers are assured that every Xbox One unit comes with the Kinect 2.0.

The PlayStation 4 also offers a motion sensor which is optional however. While this makes it less likely for developers to invest time and energy into the sensor, it also means that the console comes at a smaller cost, as users can get the sensor later if they want.

For the controller, Microsoft decided to focus more on the technical part of things and improve the tactical feedback among others, leaving the exterior design modified, but not in great amounts. The PS4 on the other hand comes with the DualShock 4 which comes with a trackpad among other things and also a share button. The gamepad can also be used as a motion controller if you have the motion sensor.


Exclusive games are titles that only make an appearance on one console, and usually both Microsoft and Sony secure some pretty sweet titles for their consoles. Both already have some impressive titles in their exclusive collections, but this is where your personal taste kicks in. Maybe the right console for you is the one that offers you the kind of games you like most, meaning that the exclusivities on one device might sway you towards that platform. The latest exclusive titles snatched by the two brands include Ryse:Son of Rome, Forza Motorosport 5 and Dead Rising 3 for the Xbox, while the PS4 counts on Killzone:Shadow Fall, Knack or Infamous: Second Son.


Both consoles come with an octa core Jaguar CPU and an AMD APU. The clock speed on the Xbox is 1.75 GHz while the Sony console has a 1.6 GHz clock speed. This gives the Xbox the edge for a brief moment, but things level out when it comes to the GPU. The Xbox One has 12 AMD Radeon compute units while the PS4 has 18. 8 GB of DDR5 RAM are inside the PS4 while the Xbox comes with DDR3 memory.


In the end it all comes down to what you like most in a console, and which comes with the features that appeal to you the most. The Xbox One is putting a lot more focus on the social side of things  as well as the media streaming department, while the PS4 offers a more straight-forward gaming experience that will appeal more to hardcore gamers.


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