Playstation Magazine Confirms GTA 5 Runs At 1080p, Xbox One Unknown

In the console resolution and fps war, Xbox One has been lagging behind in a few titles while the Playstation 4 managed to render 1080p resolution which gave it the winning edge.

But, as industry experts stated, the consoles are not a sprint race but rather a marathon, where the winner can be declared only on the long run. In the next three years or so, we might get a fair idea to see which console has the upper hand over the other.

For now, a random user who has some tie-up with the official Playstation magazine has managed to sneak the cover of the printed copy which is strongly focused on the upcoming release GTA 5 for next gen. The game got released on the Playstation 3 as well as the Xbox 360 platform almost a year ago and was one of the biggest successes in the franchise. It is to be known whether it still has the potential to recreate something great on the new console as well, which is based on the new features that it could offer.

Resolution Claims

The upcoming magazine which has a special coverage on GTA 5 PS4 version claims that the game is going to offer full 1080p resolution for the title which will be glimmering and offer a whole new level of visual realism to gamers. Those who played on the Playstation 3 which is a very old console by now will find the difference extremely addictive and fun to play. Apart from being presented in full high definition resolution, the next gen version of the game is also going to feature 100 new songs in the radio, more pedestrians on the road, all of the DLCs released so far, the GTA Online multiplayer version with new content and much more.

Talking more about the resolution, the featured article also says, “It’s time to bid goodbye to 720p because the pleasure of being able to witness the game and its visuals in 1080p is something that just can’t be argued. Los Santos is all set to look gorgeous and the PS4 hardware is going to ideally compliment this upgrade to provide the game with 1920 x 1080 pixels”.

Xbox One?

Meanwhile, there is no word on whether the Xbox One will be able to do the same for GTA 5 or not. The console did lag in some games but given the graphics seen in Grand Theft Auto, we assume it should be more than capable of delivering it in HD resolution. We can confirm it only if Rockstar or Microsoft confirm the news.

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