Plunder Pirates – Best Strategy Game for iPhone and Android?

Introduction to Plunder Pirates

Plunder Pirates is a game that involves a battle strategy developed by Rovio Stars. The player is in charge of the band of pirates and at the same time attacks the specific locations where the rivals are found. It is a game which comprises of metal graphics supported by Apple. This has greatly upgraded the combat strategy taking it to next level. Plumber-Cam technology allows the players to zoom or manipulate the camera as required within a 3D environment when playing.

To compete well, here are the strategies;

  • Build Pirate island

When the game starts, the player enjoys temporal protection from the rivals and this allows you to take advantage of this time and build up in the island in order to attack the rivals. The rival is at this time looking for ways to build up in your island too. At first, the pirates enjoys protection from a shield and this is the right time that you should team up and make you defenses very strong. When you start attacking the enemies, this protection is lost and thus a lot of care is necessary

  • Explore The Sea

It is good to be careful when exploring the waters. Try as much as possible to stick to calm waters during exploration. Sailing through waters are calm is quicker that in wavy waters. If you can figure out a plan that favors a calm sail, go for it and you are on the safe side. When exploring the sea, target the monsters and rival ships and be sensitive of the warning. All these attacks when exploring the waters increase the rewards of the player. The game will always give you warnings when you tend to play beyond your scale just to keep you on track.

  • Fight and Plunder Other Players

Fighting to win in this game means destroying the rivals. Once attacked, they do not come back to the battle field even when they survive the attack. Take a lot of care not to deploy all your troops to the battle at once. It can be dangerous when all your troops in the battle are attacked and you lack reinforcements. Attack several times and not once. Each time you attack, their defenses increases and your reward points also increase.Attacking the defense weakens their troops.

  • Train Your Pirate Crew

It is good to have the right troop in the battle for you to win. Pay attention to the strength and capabilities of each pirate during the initial recruitment at tavern. Make use of the magnifying glass that each recruit has during this recruitment. Take time and read through each pirate and weigh their strengths. The stronger ones are fit for the battle and you are sure of a win when the right strategies are deployed.

In conclusion, the game has a user-friendly interface with nice graphics to look at. The game is at this time rated as the best new game available in iTune App store where it can be downloaded for free.

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