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Sunday, February 8, 2015

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Plunder Pirates – The Essential Basics For Beginners

Plunder Pirates – The Essential Basics For Beginners By – Oct 31, 2014 3 0 SHARE

Plunder Pirates is simply a battle strategy game that is from Rovio Stars. In this particular game, you normally take charge of a band of pirate as well as attack rival’s strongholds while still keeping your personal spoils safe from war.

It’s actually an amazing game that is in the same strategy genre and one that is marvelously designed. There are lots of new elements in Plunder pirates and therefore there are some of the tips and tricks particularly aimed for the beginners in order to great use and also create the perfect pirate island. Straight to the business, the following are some of the plunder pirates’ cheats, tips and also strategy advice.

Always focus on building up the resources first:

It is pretty safe to focus on building up quite a nice flow of the resources first. It’s therefore good to first focus on building up your resources generating both buildings and also silos. Then upgrade them to the max level before you focus on anything else since it is resources that are needed most in this particular game.


Gems are absolutely a valuable resource which simply means that you have to spend them wisely. It’s a fact that it is tempting to rush your buccaneer upgrade but always plan ahead. It is recommended that you make use of all the gems for builder hits and still saving for them especially when they are insufficient. You begin with enough gems for the initial builders hut and therefore you will be able to buy that straight away. There are normally four builders’ huts available in the game so ensure that you purchase them.

Always explore the seas:

One of the important features that this game comes with is basically the exploration of the seas around you and also discovering all kinds of great things like islands to attack and still other dangers. Therefore, do your explorations early enough and always leave your ship exploring some of the greater distances especially when you log out of the game.

Here are some extra tips:

  • Choose your route wisely – in case you encounter danger or another ship along the way, your ship will automatically engage into battle. Ensure that you win those battles while creating your routes.
  • Attack the ports many times- things tend to get difficult with every new attack though the rewards increase as well.
  •  Stick to clean waters- clean water is in fact the fastest to sail and also there are no dangers for your own crew. Always try your best to build your routes basing on the clear waters that are around you.

Collect both your grog and the gold supplies frequently:

Both grog and gold are always necessary to fund the projects and to hire the pirates. You definitely need an ample supply of the two. Ensure that you collect from your mines as well as distilleries more often because the two resources stop to collect when a cap has been reached.

So now you have the basics with some of our essential plunder pirates’ tips and tricks.


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