Public Transport Free For Three Days In Paris Due To Worst Air Pollution

Air pollution has touched to the highest level in the skies of Paris, France, since 2007. All the public transportation has been kept free for next three days.
Commuters can take free ride in the Paris region and two other cities – Rouen and Caen. Buses, trains and subways are free from Friday through Sunday. The bike-shares are also kept free for these days along with one-hour sessions for electric car shares.

About 75 percent of the country is under alert, says European Environment Agency.

According to Meteorologists, the warm days and cool nights have worsened the situation. Earlier this week an environmental group also brought a complaint saying the government has put lives in danger.

For about a week the windless, sunny and warm wave weather has caused delight among the people there who rushed to cafe terraces and parks. In the absence of wind all the pollution emitted particles are hanging around in the city, said head of air quality service at the French Environment agency Ademe, Gilles Aymoz.

He also added the pollution sources have been identified as diesel vehicles and wood stoves. He blames further to the ammonia gases that is emitted from the fertilizers used in countryside.

However, experts say the quality of air in Paris is cleaner now compared to 40 years ago as most of the polluting factories have been shut and the vehicles emission is also much less dirtier.

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