Reasons for Flappy Bird to Come Back to the App Store

Many of you are probably glad that Flappy Bird is off from the store, both from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Many people who played Flappy Bird rejoiced over the fact that its creator decided to delete the game so no one else can download it. Some of you may even be satisfied downloading and playing the other imitations of Flappy Bird because they are less difficult and scoring more than twenty points is easy as counting, unlike the original version. Many of you might have deleted the game from all your devices and have not regretted it, now that it can’t be downloaded from anywhere else. You’re probably beyond happy that Flappy Bird is now non-existent – but there are people who feel the opposite and want the game to come back.

It Tests Their Patience

Flappy Bird and patience don’t go well together as a lot of players have proven. However, other people find that playing this difficult game does them good in terms of testing their patience. If you want to test how long you can keep your patience, you need Flappy Bird in your life because in this game, the moment you lose your patience is also the moment you lose the game. If anything, Flappy Bird teaches us to be patient, especially if there’s something we want to have.

Need to Pass the Time

If you’re in a long line waiting for your doctor’s appointment or in a long train ride, you will need a game that would keep you busy and entertained. Flappy Bird can easily fill this void. It’s the kind of game that you can easily pick up when you have a free time and put down when you’re busy. It doesn’t even make use of an internet connection; so you can play the game even if you’re offline, unlike other popular games.

Need to Score Higher

If you deleted the game from your device, you no longer have a chance to beat your previous score and we all know how competitive some people can be. Flappy Bird is a very difficult game but it’s a great way to test yourself if you can beat your previous game. It keeps you going, even though you failed miserably several times in the past.

Because Swing Copters is More Difficult

The creator of Flappy Bird has released a new game called Swing Copters and it’s even harder to play than Flappy Bird. The two games have the same objective and mechanics but if you think that Flappy Bird is already hard enough, you can try playing Swing Copters. It will make you wish that you can have a kind of reunion with Flappy Bird instead.

Makes You Laugh at Yourself

We all need a lot of laughter and Flappy Bird is the best way to do it as long as you don’t take the game very seriously – just enough to try to score as many as you can and if you failed, you can laugh at yourself for making a wrong move or laugh at the way the bird stupidly hits the ground.

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