Resident Evil Revelations 2 Dev Says VR Is Best For Horror Games

The producer of Resident Evil Revelations 2, Michiteru Okabe, who also plays an important role in the development team, said that the new virtual reality technology makes perfect sense for horror games because they are capable of putting the player right in the middle of the action and make them feel engrossed.

Making Horror VR Games

In a recent interview, producer Okabe said, “I’m really excited about the VR. I personally find them great and also think that they make sense when it comes to implementing them for the right genre of games. The world has gone from being just 2D to the real 3D format and instead of having to play from a distance, it is now time to surround yourself within the world. The technology is available and it is time we adopt it to make gaming more interesting”.

There are multiple reasons that make VR a perfect fit for horror games; but Okabe points out that immersion is an important aspect when it comes to such titles, because it has the power to heighten the experience for those playing it.

“I feel that there is going to be compelling stuff on the VR within some time and it is not only horror but a lot of game genres that will find its way to the platform. But, when it comes to thriller/ horror genre, it makes special sense because immersion is the most important in it than any other genre and we should definitely start thinking about what we could do with this technology rather than waiting further”, added Okabe.

Capcom Supports VR

Even though, Capcom has not officially supported the idea of VR yet, Resident Evil Revelations 2 will just be the beginning. Everyone in the team is excited about bringing the game to virtual reality and Yoshiaki Hirabashi, producer of the 1080p Resident Evil remake said that if they are to make a remake of the original game, it should definitely be in the 3D platform.

So far, we have only two different virtual reality devices, with Oculus Rift leading the race. The platform has gained more traction after Facebook purchased the company. There’s also Sony’s Morpheus which aims to bring in the 3D gaming experience; but it looks more like their motion tracking Eye which never became big but was simply there to say that Sony is interested in innovation. If Capcom and other companies supported it, it could become big. A public release for OR is expected in 2015.


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