Rockstar Warns Users about Possible GTA 5 Beta Scams, and Next-Gen Gameplay Changes Rumors

Rockstar Games, publisher of the Grand Theft Auto 5 (commonly known as GTA 5) has warned their fans about the possible scams regarding a beta for the re-mastered edition of the game.

They have said that there is no pre-release beta test, so users should watch out for ads and websites saying otherwise, as it is probably some sort of a phishing scam.

Gameplay Changes

The re-mastered version of GTA 5 will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 18 and the PC version should be released on January 27, 2015. The re-mastered version of the game will support up to 30 players in GTA Online and the players that buy the game will receive $1 million of in game cash, which will be divided between the Story Mode, and GTA Online ($500,000 each). The PS3 and Xbox 360 were not able to support higher player numbers and the game couldn’t live up to its full potential due to the hardware limitations. Thanks to the improved hardware on the PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the PC, GTA 5 should finally see more mods, as well as custom gameplay elements.

Rockstar has also hinted a first person mode that should be available in both vehicles and on foot. The first person mode should include working speedometers and tachometers on vehicles this would be something completely new to the GTA franchise. Due to better hardware on the next-gen consoles, we should see a significant increase in random events in Story Mode, making the world feel even more dynamic. We should also see a lot of graphical improvements that include increased draw distances, better resolutions, as well as much denser traffic than what we have seen before. With these new elements combined, the entire city and its surrounding area should feel more alive than it was before. Grand Theft Auto Online should include new vehicles, properties, as well as a more in-depth player customization system.

It would also be interesting to see new animal types that should roam Los Santos since that was rumored before and when combined with a new foliage system, and enhanced weather and damage effects, we could have a completely new game on our hands. The images that appear on the Internet recently have been more than beautiful, and since release is just around the corner, we can only wait and see if all of these great changes will be implemented in the game.

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