Roku vs Apple TV – Choosing Quantity Over Quality or Vice-versa

For those who have decided to experience television viewing using the internet, several media streaming options are available in the market.

In case you were wondering, which media streaming player to purchase between the Roku and the Apple TV, find below a quick comparison review per se their features. Both the Roku and Apple TV can be made available for a price of $99. Roku encompasses a dual core processor running at a speed of 900MHz. On the other hand, the Apple TV comprises of a single core processor, clocked at 2GHz. Both products come with a similar memory of 512MB. However, the Roku is equipped with an external microSD card slot.

Remote for Roku can be any Android or iOS device. However, for the Apple TV, the remote has to be essentially an Apple device. Roku offers an excess of 1200 channels as compared to the 30 channels offered by Apple TV. Roku offers 77 games, whereas, games can be accessed via AirPlay feature in the Apple TV.


The Roku offers a bulky remote with a lot of confusion. The backward circle, back arrow and asterisk button can be quite confusing for the user. However, the remote comes with additional features including a headphone jack. On the other hand, the Apple TV’s remote offers minimum but best features. The sleek remote of the Apple TV comes with self-explanatory features and functionalities for easy navigation.

AirPlay Feature for Apple TV

Apple TV enjoys its AirPlay feature over Roku TV. The feature enables the user to stream content from any iOS device to your TV set. However, Roku successfully updated apps for the Android and the iOS devices. As a result, Roku effectively manages to imitate AirPlay feature with Play on the Roku TV. The latest feature on the Roku TV has enabled the users to stream photos, music and videos, from their portable devices to their TV set. Regardless, with the inability of device mirroring, the entire display of smartphone or tablet cannot be displayed on the TV screen.

Video Quality

In terms of video quality, Apple TV edges past Roku TV. Television shows and movies are streamed more consistently on the Apple TV. Moreover, they offer better quality to that produced by Roku TV.


In terms of price, both the devices are available for a similar price. Regardless, those who were locked in the Apple ecosystem should opt for the Apple TV. On the contrary, Roku TV offers a plethora of channels and useful remote, which makes it a persuasive option.


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