Ryse: Son of Rome – A Great Game for the Action Genre Fans

Just like the heavy title that it has, Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the most action intensive games even as compared to other games in the same genre.

Initially released in November 2013 as a launch title solely for the XBox One, the game received huge critical acclamation and was highly rated in major ratings websites, especially due to its great graphics, dynamics and the smooth handling. The game was one of the most popular XBox One games of 2013 and this success prompted the developers to release it on a wider platform and hence the game is all set to be released on the Microsoft Windows in the latter part of 2014.

The Story and the Base

Ryse: Son of Rome, developed by Crytek Frankfurt gaming company and published by Microsoft for XBox One, is an intensive action adventure game that takes the players on a historical journey combined with some ancient philosophy. The players are taken to the Rome of the legends when there were legions and battles between tribes. The players don the role of one such leader named Marius Titus who has a legion at his command and the entire game is set in a flashback sense which traces the rise of Marius from being an ordinary boy with some extraordinary skills to becoming the leader of an entire legion.

The game begins with Marius being shown as the leader and who fights against the barbarians and then the game retreats into the flashback mode which shows how his parents and siblings were killed by the barbarians in a civil war and his gradual thirst for revenge for the blood of his family. Marius then fights wars, ravages the barbarian’s lands, protects his own lands and tribes, secures the trust of the king and all the while ravishes his revenge on the barbarians who had killed his family during his childhood.

Ryse: Son of Rome is a game full of battle, fights, mystery, treachery, courage and conviction and ends at a high point when the barbarians are seen fleeing from the Roman lands, greatly diminished in number and strength by the strong and mighty Marius and his legion who consider him a true hero.

Development of the Game

The game was initially announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 by Microsoft under a code name as the original name was either undecided or the developers wanted to keep the people curious. Some time afterwards, a short video preview was released showing the major features and attractions in the game in order to woo the people following which the game’s name was announced as Ryse: Son of Rome. Soon afterwards, the game had a huge launch on the XBox One and was very well received by the gamers. The developers were so happy that they agreed to release the Windows version of the game by the fall of 2014.

The new game would have plenty of additional features, new updates and additional downloadable content which would make it more engaging and fun to play, claim the developers.

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