Ryse Son of Rome PC Review – The Best Looking Game to Benchmark Your Hardware

Crytek took the obvious decision when they realized that the game didn’t have much of an impact after the initial launch hype on Xbox One; they decided to port it to PC.

Ryse Son of Rome is finally out on PC and the game has a lot of good things to talk about with an innovative idea of putting you in the shoes of a gladiator; but alas, it doesn’t deliver up to the promise of being the best game released this year. The game play elements are all in place with some brutal combats that you may enjoy, severed limbs, lots of blood and fighting techniques similar to Arkham City. But, it is the less than five hour storyline and the overall tight game design where Ryse loses it to the competition.

Lots of Cutscenes

While it looks like Ryse Son of Rome is little above six hours, there are actually so many cut scenes that dominate an entire hour. The game is only five hours or less where you have almost repetitive elements that get quite boring after a while. Instead of leveling up with your character to become a brutal combatant, you are reduced down to someone who relies solely on the color coded signs on your Xbox controller. The best thing that you could do now is that you can purchase an Xbox One controller to experience the same on your PC, as the drivers are available and it works seamlessly.

There were some notable missions such as the one where you lead an entire army into the opposition camp, D-day style. Just keep the analog forward and steady, they will follow your lead, but that’s it. It ends there and not so much to offer once the initial beauty of the atmosphere is gone by. Similarly, combat doesn’t improve because your character fights the same way from start till the end which is something we never expected in the title.

Visual Marvel

While Ryse Son of Rome isn’t a great game, it is one of the best looking games in recent times. Crytek couldn’t recreate the Crysis charm but they have definitely given a title for PC users to test the power of your new 980 graphics card and see how much it fares at 4K resolution. If you are mad about graphics and visual marvel, this is the game you should go for. Make sure to use an Xbox One controller and get ready to push your shiny new card to great visual glory as rich kids do!


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