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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Saints Row Gat Out of Hell Releases Earlier On January 20

Saints Row Gat Out of Hell Releases Earlier On January 20 By – Oct 18, 2014 1 0 SHARE

The standalone expansion pack for Saints Row 4 was originally slated to get released on January 27th next year, but for some reasons, the developers of the title Deep Silver confirmed that Saints Row Gat Out of Hell will get launched earlier on January 20th. At a time, when most developers are postponing their game releases, the team has once again proved that they are different from the lot. All their games are always ahead of the time and so wacky that not everyone could play it.

It is like the Scary Movie of games where they mash up the best elements from most popular titles and you have a game which is completely unique. The last title was extremely fun and it was a huge success. Instead of making gamers wait for months, they have decided to release an expansion pack set in hell which runs even if you don’t own the original game.

New Release Date

The new release date for Saints Row Gat Out of Hell was announced on their official Twitter handle. Deep Silver said, “Gat Out of Hell will be released a week earlier, on January 20 in the United States and January 23 in Europe”. The game gets released on all major platforms including Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

In order to commemorate the new release date, the developers have released a new trailer for the upcoming title. Johnny Gat, is the main character in the game who loses himself to the seven deadly sins and because of his wrong doings, he is going to face a series of threats that will put him in hell, literally.

More Wacky Than Ever

In Saints Row Gat Out of Hell, you are going to go really crazy and for the first time, the characters are going to go against more than just villains. They earlier faced a deadly alien from outer space in Saints Row 4 but now things are getting much more difficult, because you are going to face the devil himself. The entire storyline is set in hell with boiling volcanoes and a whole lot of heat to face this time. The powers of Gat is really huge now because he has wings to fly, fire breathing abilities as per our assumption and newest additions in true saints row style. With co-op features, it is going to be another great adventure, we presume.



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