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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One E8 – Inexhaustible Appearance Coupled with…

Samsung Galaxy Alpha vs. HTC One E8 – Inexhaustible Appearance Coupled with Lower Specifications By – Jan 2, 2015 2 1 SHARE

The idea of presenting gifts to your near and dear ones is rapidly changing from soft toys or household gift items to tech stuff and gadgets.

However, you are required to be well conversant with the availability of a range of products and of those that are likely to make an appearance sometime in future. If you were contemplating on gifting a premium looking smartphone to your beloved family and friends, there are more chances of you laying your hands on the Android based smartphones.

Two handsets recently released in the smartphone market, the Galaxy Alpha from Samsung and One E8 from HTC are both premium looking smartphones, coming at affordable prices. The Galaxy Alpha from the Korean giant lays more prominence over design features rather than under the hood specifications. Meanwhile, the HTC manufactured One E8 smartphone comes as an economical version of the flagship HTC One M8 smartphone.

Let us bring the two smartphones together with respect to layout, specifications and pricing.


The HTC based One E8 is yet another plastic manufactured smartphone. The HTC smartphone encompasses a curved design and offers an inexhaustible look. However, the bezels surrounding the display had to be trimmed to alter the breadth of the smartphone. In terms of the dimensions, the HTC One E8 smartphone measures 14.642inch x 7.067inch x 0.985inch and it weighs around 145 grams on the scale. Despite the hefty measurements, the One E8 smartphone appears light in weight.

In comparison, the metal frame body enclosing the Galaxy Alpha smartphone caters it a high-end handset appearance. The Samsung smartphone weighs mere 115 grams on the scale. In terms of weight, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a lightweight device than its counterpart. Regardless, as other Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy Alpha also comes in a plastic shell.

The HTC One E8 smartphone includes a 5-inch screen as compared to the 4.7-inch display of the Galaxy Alpha handset. A Full High Definition display offered by the One E8 smartphone translates into a pixel density of 441-pixels per inch. In comparison, the Galaxy Alpha comes equipped with Super AMOLED technology offering 1280 x 720 pixels of resolution.

Both the One E8 display and Galaxy Alpha offers deeper blacks. However, the E8 offers moderate contrast ratio. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Alpha display produces faded color reproduction.

Operating System

The Galaxy Alpha smartphone comprises of the updated KitKat version 4.4 based Android operating system, coupled with Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. Meanwhile, the One E8 employs the Android version 4.4 on top of the customized Android UI.

Processing Unit

The Qualcomm manufactured state of the art Snapdragon 801 chip accompanied with a powerful quad-core processing unit, set to run at top speed of 2.5GHz powers the HTC One E8 smartphone. The processing unit is accompanied with 2GB of RAM and internal memory of 16GB. However, an external memory microSD slot is affixed in the E8 smartphone to enhance storage up to 128GB.

In comparison, the Galaxy Alpha employs a snappy octa-core processing unit, encompassing four quad core processors – a Cortex A15 quad-core processing unit set at 1.8GHz speed and a Cortex A7 quad-core processing unit set at 1.3GHz of top speed. The Galaxy Alpha processor includes a bigger 2GB of RAM along with 32 Giga Bytes of internal memory.


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  • Katherine

    For me Galaxy Alpha is much better than HTC or I could say the golden days of HTC in the world of Smartphones are over now. Well, I will definitely invest my money on Galaxy Alpha that has advanced features and also support faster charging with high capacity based USB Wall Charger with 6 Ports.

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