Samsung Galaxy Core vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo – Comparison of Specifications and Pricing

After managing to become the world’s largest mobile phone maker in 2012, Samsung is not content with its market share of just over 25%.

They are looking to catch the dual SIM smartphone segment in its infancy. The launch of the Galaxy Grand Neo is a statement by this company that they are looking to dominate. The Galaxy Grand Neo will be positioned as one of the premium offerings in this segment, while the Samsung Galaxy Core that was launched a few months earlier will be slightly lower priced. This is largely because the Galaxy Core is almost 12 months old.


Samsung has found a successful philosophy with the Galaxy series of phones. This philosophy also includes the style as well. It has largely remained unchanged over the last few generations. It is once again the case with the Galaxy Core and the Galaxy Grand Neo. Both phones cannot be separated much – apart from a few differences – in terms of design. It is only by the way of size that they can be separated quite easily.

This is because the Galaxy Grand Neo features a very large 5 inch display. This puts it in the league of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and other phones, which are positioned in the upper strata of the smartphone segment. The Galaxy Core, on the other hand, features a more manageable 4.3 inch display. Still, it is larger than the display found on the iPhone 5S.

The resolution in both devices though is similar at 800 by 480 pixels that has been a standard of phones in this segment.


The Galaxy Core is not the well covered in this regard since it comes with only one offering – 8 GB of internal memory. However, depending upon the usage, the user can always go for microSD cards of varying sizes to increase the memory. The phone will support a maximum of 64 GB through this method. The Galaxy Grand Neo offers more customization because there is the 16 GB internal memory option coming with the phone as well as the microSD support.

The RAM, though, is not one of the factors that separates the phone and it is the same 1 GB in both devices. It enables the user to take full advantage of the recent improvements in multitasking given to the android operating system.


The two phones may appear very similar in terms of performance largely because they employ a processor that is rated similarly and also have the same amount of RAM. However, the Galaxy Grand Neo is likely to be slightly faster because of the A7 processor. The Galaxy Core will not lag behind much since it uses a snapdragon processor – widely thought to be one of the best in the world. Despite being a budget phone, Samsung has not taken such features out of the device in favor of a poor processor.

The Galaxy Core will come at around $ 220 within the Galaxy Grand Neo being slightly pricier at $ 250.

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