Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Comparison of Specifications and Pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is one of the best selling dual SIM phones and it is not surprising to know that it is the case with this mid-range smartphone.

Since it has come out only recently, it is capable of competing with Samsung’s flagship from 2012 – Samsung Galaxy S3. The two phones are vastly indifferent in terms of the primary features. The Galaxy S3 supports only one SIM card and the Galaxy Grand 2 offers support for two.

The Galaxy S3 was designed to be a flagship model in the first place. This is not the case with the Galaxy Grand 2. It is the second generation of the Galaxy Grand, which brought to the industry the notion of having a very large display amongst many other features.


This is one of the main aspects of the Galaxy Grand 2. Unlike some of the other smartphones in the niche segment, this device primarily concentrates on providing a large display. It does not take huge efforts to offer the best resolution in the department. It comes with a pixel density of just 280 PPI. The Galaxy Grand 2 does increase the resolution offered from the previous version, but the massive 5.25 inch display reduces the impact.

Ironically, this display size is significantly larger than the 4.8 inch unit used in the Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3, though, will be able to offer more detail on its smaller screen despite using the same resolution of 720p.

Color Availability

This is a major trend that has been started within the Samsung mobile phone segment within the Galaxy S3. It came with five different color options apart from two different memory versions. Hence, the possibilities of having a unique device are massively increased with the Galaxy S3. This is not the case with the Galaxy Grand 2, which comes only in three different colors.


The Galaxy S3 was launched at a time when Adobe Flash player was widely used in mobile phones. Now that it is redundant, the industry has been moving forward to the HTML5 coding. This is present in the Galaxy Grand 2 being the latest generation device, while the Galaxy S3 comes with the HTML coding only for the browser and other aspects of the phone.

Battery Size

Due to the much larger display size, the Galaxy Grand 2 will be unable to offer excellent talk times had it not been for the 2600 mAh battery found in the device. This again is significantly better than the 2100 mAh unit on the Galaxy S3. It is claimed that the Galaxy Grand 2 will be able to run for around 14 hours in the 3G mode, while the Galaxy S3 will run out of juice in just over 10 hours.

Since it is almost 2 years since the launch of the Galaxy S3, the phone is available with several deals in the market. The unlocked version will set you back by $ 300, while the Galaxy Grand 2 will cost around $ 340.

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