Samsung Galaxy Grand vs. Lenovo Vibe X – Can Lenovo Challenge Mainstream Smartphone Offering?

Samsung capitalized on the tastes of the masses by introducing large screen smartphones into the market.

Moreover, the bigger touchscreen handsets launched into the market came at a reasonable price. As a result, the Korean giant gained massively. The Samsung Galaxy Grand is a good example of a bigger touchscreen handset coming in a medium price segment.

The Galaxy Grand smartphone sold like hot cakes worldwide. In addition, it formed the basis for a plethora of new smartphones for the future. However, the smartphone comes in direct competition to the Lenovo Vibe X smartphone. The latter caters an option to those who were looking forward to owning a smartphone, but from a company different from the mainstream.


Comparing the two smartphones in terms of display, both the handsets comprise of a 5-inch screen. Regardless, in terms of experience, both the handsets are entirely different. The Samsung Galaxy Grand offers the user with 480 x 800 pixels of resolution as compared to the Full HD resolution offered by the Lenovo Vibe X. As a result, the pixel density of the Vibe X handset nearly doubles to that of the Galaxy Grand handset. The Vibe X offers a pixel density of 441-ppi, which provides the user with clearer images and superb multimedia experience. The Galaxy Grand offers a bigger display, with not much of an advantage.


Among other amazing aspects, the design is yet another feature offered by the Lenovo Vibe X handset. The handset comes at a thickness of 6.9mm, making it one of the thinnest handsets available in the market. On the other hand, Samsung also gained recognition for producing thinnest phones into the smartphone arena. However, the 9.6mm thickness of the Samsung Galaxy Grand does not compare to the sleek figure of the Lenovo Vibe X handset.

In terms of weight, both the handsets come with a significant difference. The Samsung phone comes at a weight of 162 grams, which is much heavier than the 120 gram weight of the Lenovo Vibe X handset.


Samsung made certain compromises in order to bring its smartphone in the medium range segment. The dual core processor, running at a speed of 1.2GHz and a RAM of 1GB is no match to the superior processor of the Lenovo Vibe X handset. In addition, the Galaxy Grand came with Android 4.1 operating system earlier, which was later upgraded to version 4.2.

The Lenovo Vibe X incorporates a powerful quad core 1.5GHz processor along with a superior RAM of 2GB. In addition, the Android 4.2 operating system of the Vibe X is competent to run multitasking functions smoothly.


Samsung Galaxy Grand comes equipped with a standard external memory card slot for memory expansion. The external memory card slot is to redeem the 8GB of internal memory offered by the Galaxy Grand handset. On the other hand, the Lenovo Vibe offers 16GB or 32GB of internal memory, but does not come with an external memory card slot for memory expansion. However, the internal memory options offered by the Lenovo Vibe X handsets should prove to be sufficient for the user.


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