Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy Note 4

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 recently released and represents the latest and greatest in the Galaxy Note line up, with a QHD display and a monstrous processor. However, lots of people still have Galaxy Note 3’s or are perhaps more tempted by the appeal of the older devices because of the hundreds of dollars of savings an out dated device represents. It gets even more tempting when you realize that the phones most iconic feature, its “phablet” size screen hasn’t actually changed between devices, and some of the other fairly notable specs haven’t changed either.

So, today we’ll be comparing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in all the major categories, to help you decide which you need. We’ll get started with the aforementioned screen, which is just 5.7 inches on both devices, a slight shame for some but a relief for a few others. The one difference in the display is the resolution, which is 1440p on the Galaxy Note 4 and just 1080p on the Galaxy Note 3. While the extra pixels make everything look a touch smoother and it is possible to tell the difference, in reality the 1080p display will likely be just fine, as most of the other displays in your life are likely that resolution too.

Next up, the weight, look and feel of the device. The two devices are very similar feeling because of the size similarity; but interestingly the Galaxy Note 4 is actually slightly thicker (0.2mm thicker) than the 8.3mm thick Galaxy Note 3, and 8g heavier, or around about 5% in both cases. This means if you only want a Galaxy Note device for its larger screen but still care a lot about its feel and appearance, the Galaxy Note 3 may be the BETTER device in this regard.

Next, the internals that drive the phone. The processor has of course been upgraded from the Galaxy Note 3, which has a 2.3Ghz Krait 400 processor, compared to the newer, 2.7GHz Krait 450. Alongside this the graphics have been upgraded from an Adreno 330 to an Adreno 420. Basically, the device runs a little faster, can handle around 20% more processing capability and may be “faster than it realistically needs to be” for long than the Galaxy Note 3. This means both phones should keep up with most peoples use of the devices for the near future, at the very least.

So, what about the Storage and memory? The change here is slightly weird, as both has 3GB of RAM, and the storage options on the Galaxy Note 3 are actually better, as you have 3 options, the 16GB, the 32GB and the 64GB. This is a strange contrast to the Galaxy Note 3 which just has a 32GB model, although admittedly has micro SD expansion of up to 128GB. If you prefer faster internal storage, the Galaxy Note 3 in a 64GB version may be preferable for you.

Finally, the camera. The camera has seen a slight upgrade too from 13MP to 16MP, however for video recording both phones can do 4k video at 30 frames a second, a standard that will leave you with much too much want for more. Overall, vaguely similar cameras with a slight upgrade for those with the Galaxy Note 4.

So, overall is the Galaxy Note 4 worth it? Honestly, the Galaxy Note 3 only really loses out when it comes to the screen resolution, still camera pictures and processing power. If you want the newest of the new, of course the Galaxy Note 4 will offer a better experience for you, but if you’re willing to lose a little to save a lot, a Galaxy Note 3 might be a preferable option.


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