Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review – Design, Display and Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s direct answer to the iPhone 6 Plus, the new competitor on the phablet market.

The Note series has always been a standard when it comes to oversized smartphones, and so far they have managed to defend themselves against anything that the competition threw at them. However, apart from iPhone 6 Plus, there are more XL sized phones on the market every day, and the LG is a strong competition as well, with their G3 model. So what exactly has Samsung done with the Galaxy Note 4, and more importantly, is this device good enough to keep the throne?


The design is pretty much the same as on the last year’s Note 3. Unless you pay close attention, you will not notice any notable changes, because there aren’t any. The size stayed almost the same, and it is only a bit taller and narrower than the Note 3. However, there are some differences. The Galaxy Note 4 got rid of the plastic frame, and introduced a nice looking metal, which is a great step forward since the devices coming from Samsung started to look a bit cheap when compared to the competitors’ devices. The Note 4 did keep the back plastic cover, which doesn’t feel premium like the back covers on some other devices do, but it is nothing that would diminish the value of this great device. Considering that the Note 4 is a phone, it is not very comfortable to hold, and you will have problems using it with only one hand, but by choosing this phone, you have probably expected that. When it comes to portability, its size makes it a bit uncomfortable to carry in the pocket.


The display is something special, and this is a field on which the Note 4 really shines. It’s a real treat to look at and the Note 4 features a Quad HD resolution with an amazing 515 ppi. You will probably not notice the difference, especially if you owned a great phone like the Note 3, or LG G2 before, but the screen is simply amazing and you will not have any negative remarks when it comes to it. The colors are really bright and accurate for an AMOLED screen, and it is really comfortable to view the screen under any angle.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, clocked at 2.7 GHz, and a high 3 GB of RAM, making it a beast of a phone when it comes to the sheer amount of power. Due to slightly bad optimization, you will experience lag sometimes, but it is barely noticeable, as the amount of lag is much smaller than the amount that was experienced on the Galaxy Note 3, which makes the Note 4 a clear upgrade over the last year’s model.

Final Thoughts

Samsung has definitely stepped up their game, and while they did not offer a spectacular improvements in the design (metal is a nice new addition), they really delivered when it comes to the screen and the specs. It remains to be seen how well the Galaxy Note 4 will do against the growing competition, and it is not very likely that it will under-deliver since it’s a great device that many users have been waiting for.

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