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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – An Innovation Worth Buying

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – An Innovation Worth Buying By – Oct 19, 2014 0 0 SHARE

The Galaxy Note Edge is one of the two phablets Samsung released this September.

The other is the Note 4. The difference between the two devices is slim in specs, but the main difference is in the design. Just for info, the Note Edge features a quad core processor, with maximum speed set at 2.7 GHz, a 5.6 inches screen display, and 3 GB RAM. When it comes to on board storage, users can choose between 32 and 64 GB. Additionally, there is always the option to add more space via a microSD card. But what are the features that make the Note Edge a device worth buying? Well, let’s break them down.

Multitask, Multitask and More Multitask

We mentioned the Note Edge has a special design, which is the curved display stretching to the right towards the back of the handset. This secondary display allows for much more multitasking than any other device on the market. You can get and read notifications on the curved display even when you are using some other application on the main display. The curved display allows for one tap access to frequently used apps. Just imagine, you are watching your favorite video and you get a message from someone. Without disturbing you and stopping the video, the handset allows you the opportunity to check the message on the secondary display.

Less Is More

While the Note Edge features 0.1 inch less screen than the Note 4, the curved display actually allows for more functionality and practical use. We’re going to share some examples of the feature. For example, you can use the camera application and all the editing tools while you shoot your pictures. While the main display is used for shooting, the curved screen displays editing tools. Another example is when internet browsing with Google Chrome, the bar is featured on the curved screen as well.

The Improved S Pen Stylus

As with the Note 4, the S Pen Stylus is improved in the Galaxy Note Edge. The sensitivity is much better, and the S Pen Stylus now can be used in several ways. For example, with Smart Select you can select any text, application or something on the screen, and easily share it or save it. Another option is to make your own notes with the Photo Note application. Using the S Pen Stylus you can edit notes hassle free. However, mainly, the improved S Pen Stylus brings more precise expression and enriches your handwriting.

Third Party Developers

Samsung has decided to let developers play with the curved screen. There is a special panel designed just for the curved screen, which allows developers from third parties to design applications for the display. One of the features already made possible is the ruler. You can measure just 10 centimeters with the ruler, but it is more than enough for some everyday measurements. You can also measure in inches. Also, the curved screen can be used as an alarm clock display. When using the alarm clock application, you can set the alarm for the night and the time is displayed on the secondary screen. This way, you don’t ever need to lift your head from your comfortable pillow to check the alarm.


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