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Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 vs. iPad Mini 3 – Specifications and…

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 vs. iPad Mini 3 – Specifications and Pricing Compared By – Nov 6, 2014 2 0 SHARE

Samsung appears to be increasing its quality in its tablet range for the last few years.

The recently launched Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 maybe it’s best tablet yet. Along with the iPad Air 2, Apple has also updated the smaller cousin to the iPad Mini 3. These two devices occupy different positions in the tablet stratosphere, but they are high-end devices nonetheless.


The iPad Mini 3 uses most of its features from the previous generation like the 7.9 inch display. Aspects, like the resolution of the device, have not changed even though the company recently came out with the retina HD display on its iPhone range. As a result, the device continues to boast the same pixel density as the iPhone 6. Still, it is much better than the 247 PPI put out by the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The resolution, on paper, looks extremely high at 2560 x 1600 pixels, but it seems that the large 12.2 inch display appears to have played its part here.


Despite its large display being perfect for multimedia purposes like watching movies and playing high end games, Samsung has decided to offer only 32 GB and 64 GB options in terms of internal memory. The external memory card option comes as a saving grace, but it can support only up to 64 GB. IPad Mini 3 continues to provide up to 128 GB of internal storage, but the lack of memory card support could hurt power users.

An interesting aspect of the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is the S-Pen, which has been carried over from the Galaxy Note series. It is more than just a stick to control the touchscreen. It has numerous features that have gained popularity over the last few years and it remains the device to beat. Sadly, the iPad Mini 3 does not offer such new features and it is not exactly surprising, given that even the iPhone 6 Plus, which is directly competing with the Galaxy Note 4, does not appear to offer this aspect.


Compared with the high-end cameras found in the flagship phones from Samsung, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has a much more modest eight megapixel camera. It is equipped with all the features, like 1080p video recording and face detection that one expects from a product in this price band. The iPad Mini 3 continues to sport the impressive camera seen in the previous generation, although it is only a five megapixel camera.


A major difference in the iPad Mini 3 compared to the previous generation is the touch ID support. This brings fingerprint definition to the device. Even though this aspect is present in many flagship devices from Samsung, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has come a little too early for this feature to be included. Prices of the iPad Mini 3 start from $499 for the 64 GB versions with just Wi-Fi connectivity. The base version of the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 costs $740 in the 64 GB variant.


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