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Thursday, February 26, 2015

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Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Core – A Dual…

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Core – A Dual SIM Duel By – Nov 9, 2014 2 0 SHARE

The Korean giant has been renowned for producing the widest range of Android based tablets and smartphones.

However, the Korean number one smartphone manufacturer has taken over the mobile market with a storm. Samsung has established itself successfully, not only in the smartphone arena but also in the tablet segment.

At times, people cannot decide which Samsung smartphone to purchase, especially by reading the specifications. To help the potential buyer make an informed decision, we have stacked up the two dual SIM smartphones from Samsung – the Galaxy S Duos 2 against the Galaxy Core. Let us learn about the two smartphones in detail.


The S Duos 2 is a compact and a lightweight smartphone. However, both the smartphones were released in the year 2013. In terms of dimensions, the Galaxy Core stands 129.3mm in stature, has a width of 67.6mm and comes at a thickness of 9mm. Meanwhile, the S Duos 2 handset measures 121.5mm and 63.1mm in stature and width, making it a compact handset. In addition, the S Duos 2 is a lightweight handset, as compared to the Galaxy Core. The S Duos 2 weighs 118 grams, as compared to the 124 grams weight of the Galaxy Core handset. However, both the handsets can be held easily and comfortably in one hand.


Both the S Duos 2 handset and the Galaxy Core come in the medium range segment. They do not encompass high-end features, as found in premium smartphones. However, both the handsets come equipped with capacitative TFT displays, offering a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. A smaller 4-inch display of both the handsets offer a pixel density of mere 250-ppi. To be precise, the S Duos 2 incorporates a 4-inch display as compared to the 4.3-inch display of the Galaxy Core handset. The Korean giant incorporated very ordinary looking multi-touch screens in both the handsets.


The S Duos 2 handset incorporates a superior processor and a better graphic processor. The Galaxy S Duos 2 includes a dual core processor and Broadcom VideoCore IV graphic processor. The graphic chip enables the handset to play full HD videos at 1080p resolution. However, both the handsets offer similar running time at 1.2GHz. The Galaxy Core comes with Snapdragon chip, coupled with the dual core processor. The Adreno 203 graphic chip of the Galaxy Core handset is less powerful than the VideoCore IV graphic chip from Broadcom. Moreover, the S Duos 2’s processor is based on Cortex A9 technology, which is much advanced than the Cortex A5 technology of the Galaxy Core processor.

Storage and Memory

The Galaxy Core edges past the S Duos 2 with more RAM power.

The Galaxy Core handset comes with more RAM power of 1GB, as compared to the 768MB RAM of the S Duos 2 handset. In the storage department, the Galaxy Core again edges past S Duos 2 handset, with an 8GB beating the 4GB of internal storage capacity. As in all Samsung handsets, these two dual SIM smartphones offer external memory card slot for memory enhancement.


The Galaxy S Duos 2 handset is available for a price of $238.44, as compared to the $245 price of the Galaxy Core handset.


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