Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S – Fighting an Eternal Battle

To choose between the greatest and latest Android and iPhone would always be a difficult decision for every smartphone user.

However, the problem can be solved with ease when you are aware of what to look for. The two ambitious handsets from the two smartphone giants, the iPhone 4S and the Galaxy S3, battle it out against each other to claim the top spot in the smartphone arena. The following comparison review would enable you to determine whether you would prefer using the Galaxy S or the iPhone.

The GS3 and the iPhone 4S are two very different smartphones from each other. However, it would be difficult to determine, which smartphone would be an ideal choice for you. Both are ultimate and better handsets in their own manner. To compare between the two handsets, we would have to get your interest back to the infamous OS battle.


The Android 4 ICS based GS3 handset comes with company’s TouchWiz Nature UX user interface. The TouchWiz UI from Samsung comes with a difference as compared to software found on other Android based handsets. The GS3 comes with improved TouchWiz UI, which enhances the software present on the handset with a plethora of latest features. New features like SmartStay and S Voice are good examples of the New TouchWiz UI on the GS3 handset.

On the other hand, the iPhone 4S comes equipped with the iOS version 5. The user interface of the iPhone 4S is simple in nature. It offers you with various grids of icons, also known as apps. It does not come equipped with widgets as in the Android based interface, which helps you provide with information directly from the home screen. In the iOS, to locate what you seek, you have to start an application first. The iPhone 4S comprises of Siri, similar to S Voice in the GS3 handset. However, the iPhone 4S does not come equipped with SmartStay. The iPhone comprises of iCloud, which provides back up for contacts, music, photos, settings and more.

Overall, the Android operating system has an open nature with GS3, enabling the user to do almost anything with the handset. It practically enables the user to perform similar kind of stuff, which can be done on the PC, such as transfer files directly through USB cable, download torrents and more.

Messaging: The reasonably larger display of the GS3 handset enables the user to type more comfortably. However, you should not expect a remarkable increase in speed with the iPhone 4S keyboard. It is designed for a comfortable typing experience.

Internet: Both the handsets come equipped with exceptionally capable browsers. Both are amazingly quick and flexible. However, the GS3 has an upper edge by supporting the Adobe Flash Player, whereas, the iPhone does not support Flash Player.


The contest between iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 is an eternal battle. Both the handsets offer the best quality in their own respects. However, breaking down the things would give you a clear idea which of the two you should choose to make your new smartphone.


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