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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S – In-Depth Comparison of Features and…

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S – In-Depth Comparison of Features and Spec Sheet By – Jan 3, 2015 18 0 SHARE

Apple found its competent rival in the Korean giant, Samsung.

Both the smartphone manufacturing companies have been venting out steam against each other in and out of the smartphone industry. Apart from rivalry in the smartphone industry, both these companies have been at each other’s throat by filing a whole lot of litigations against each other. In fact, the fight for dominance over the smartphone industry has routed to eliminating the other from the mobile industry.

However, we bring together two of the flagship offerings from these big guns – Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4S. Both the smartphone manufacturing companies have their own fan base. However, turning Apple dedicated fans to Samsung dedicated fans or vice-versa would require the respective handsets to overcome the other with their superior features and spec sheet. Keeping that in mind, let us stack up the Samsung Galaxy S3 against the iPhone 4S to determine the better handset between the two devices.

Android-based handset against iOS based smartphone would be an interesting duel. Regardless, both the operating systems are decent performers in their respective fields. To start with, the Galaxy S3 offers a lighter and thinner handset, encompassing a large display and a powerful processing unit. Whether these specs are enough to attract dedicated Apple fans, read on.


The Apple offering gathers more accolades in terms of design and built features. The iPhone 4S might be a compact and heavier handset as compared to the GS3; the metal and glass casing of the Apple offering caters the user with chic and fashionable look. On the other hand, the Galaxy S3 smartphone comes enclosed in a plastic body. The plastic offers the user with a lightweight handset with mere 133 grams on the scale. In contrast, the iPhone 4S weighs around 140 grams, a tad heavier than the GS3. The iPhone 4S, with its heavy chassis offers a strongly built device along with a pleasing design. Regardless, the curved and thinner design of the GS3 offers a comfortable grip.

A bigger 4.8-inch display of the GS3 translates into pixel density of 313-ppi as compared to 326-ppi of pixel density offered by the iPhone 4S. Despite the difference, being negligible, picture streaming and movie watching on the bigger display of the GS3 is more enjoyable.

Operating System

The Galaxy S3 from Samsung comes equipped with the Ice Cream Sandwich based Android version 4.0 operating system. The Samsung OS offers the user with a spontaneous task manager, which is better than the iPhone 4S smartphone. Consequently, managing applications on the Galaxy S3 are easier.

Regardless, the iPhone 4S offers more comfort while making and receiving calls than the Galaxy S3 handset. In addition, the iPhone 4S offers easy navigation and options for saving contacts. It would not be wrong to suggest that iOS can be operated comfortably as compared to the Android based technology.


The GS3 comprise of a quad-core processing unit set to run at top velocity of 1.4 GHz. In comparison, a dual-core processing unit clocked at 800MHz power the iPhone 4S handset. Considering the memory specs, the GS3 offers bigger 1GB of RAM, as compared to lower 512MB of RAM on the iPhone 4S smartphone. In addition, the iPhone 4S is smooth and offers better responsiveness to simple commands as compared to the GS3 smartphone.


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