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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – What’s New in the…

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – What’s New in the Latest Samsung Flagship Smartphones By – Jan 2, 2015 2 0 SHARE

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the next gen smartphone to Samsung Galaxy S4 and these two flagships from Samsung have come into some recent scrutiny with respect to their worth or rather importance of upgrading.

Samsung Galaxy S5 came into market with much hype and whether this was rightfully deserved, it is yet to be known. Furthermore, it is yet to be known whether the upgrade is worth the money you spend on it. However, the only way to determine whether this upgrade from Samsung was necessary, or if it is worth it for the users of Galaxy S4, is running a head-to-head comparison of these two gadgets with respect to their design, software and hardware, performance as well as camera features. With this knowledge, it will be quite easier to decide on which phone suits you best.

Designs of Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5

The design of Samsung Galaxy S5 is not just different from its immediate predecessor; it is also very different from the rest of the Galaxy Series smartphones before Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S5 comes with a plastic chassis that also includes dimples on the back panel that give it a leather-back effect. The feel you get from this new plastic design is totally unique and different from other Galaxy series phones.

While the Galaxy S4 offers users with a rather glossy touch, users of Galaxy S5 will be treated to a soft touch finish on their fingers when using this device. Even though the S5 is a bit thicker, wider and generally heavier than the S4, these extras come with a plethora of features for Galaxy S5 users. The only difference you get with the S4 is the convenience of grabbing it as it is smaller in size.

Other features evident on the Galaxy S5 and are missing on the S4 model are water and dust resistance, fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor as well as more color variants.

Display Screen

The S4 has a slightly smaller display size of 5 inches as compared to the 5.1 inches offered by the S5. On the contrary, both devices come with similarly powerful screen resolutions of 1080 ppi. The major difference arises from the quality of pictures and screen display where the Galaxy S5 features the AMOLED technology in addition to better color and contrast features of the display screen which means users are treated to an enhanced viewing experience than what users of Samsung Galaxy S4 get.

Software, Hardware and Performance of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5

Both Smartphones run on the Android 4.4 and they also include the TouchWiz user interface from Samsung. The only difference is that the S5 comes with a much enhanced TouchWiz UI that ensures users get considerably enhanced viewing.

Even though the Snapdragon 801 processor used by Samsung Galaxy S5 is not the fastest chipset in the market today, it is much faster than the Snapdragon 600 processor used by Samsung Galaxy S4.  Furthermore, Galaxy S 5 offers users with better graphics thanks to the enhanced Adreno 330 GPU it uses, as compared to the Adreno 320 GPU chipset used by Galaxy S4.



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