Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 – Whether S5 is a Radical Upgrade over S4

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is considered the best flagship smartphone released by the Korean giant.

However, how the handset differs from the Galaxy S4 handset intrigues most people. The GS5 incorporates a redefined style. The handset differs from the GS4 in terms of design as the latest release from Samsung comes with a soft plastic back and in a plethora of color options. The GS4 comes with a hard plastic back with a glossy finish, with limited color options. In addition, the GS5 comes with IP67 certification providing water and dust resistant features, which was missing in the GS4 handset. Under the hood, the GS5 comprises of a quicker Snapdragon 801 chipset. In terms of smartphone camera technology, the Korean giant claims to make a breakthrough with its latest ISOCELL sensor, equipped in the GS5 handset. The TouchWiz UI has also been made more user-friendly, which comes equipped with a heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner. These features were absent in the Galaxy S4 handset.

Whether the GS5 proves out to be a radical change, convincing you to upgrade from the GS4 and how does the GS5 perform in real life, let us find out.

Interface and Functionality

The GS5 comes equipped with the latest version of the TouchWiz technology (TouchWiz Nature UX 3.0). The interface runs along with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. However, some respite for the GS4 handset, as it has been upgraded to the version 4.4 KitKat OS. Moreover, confirmation has been made to equip the GS4 with the latest version of TouchWiz technology.

The latest TouchWiz UI comes with enhanced and user-friendly bigger icons. In addition, there are visual cues and less disorder as compared to the GS4 interface. The icons have been refurbished to appear more flatter and contemporary. However, the looks have been retained from the predecessor. In case, you have used the Samsung made Android-based handset before, you would feel at home with the newer TouchWiz interface. Long texts have been replaced with quick icons in the settings, providing understandable visual clues, which should be helpful to the first time users as well.

Core apps, such as text messenger and phonebook have been redecorated. The phonebook now comes with a dark theme, tiles for desired contacts and less vacant spaces.

In terms of keyboard experience, both the handsets offer a similar experience. Typing on both the handsets is quick and easy with aptly placed buttons. There is practically no difference between the two handsets.


The GS5 may not be termed as a radical upgrade over the GS4 handset. However, the handset does evolve gradually in every aspect, starting with newer designs, additional protection, user-friendly TouchWiz UI, fast snapper and quicker engine.

To sum it up, the Korean giant has put innovations in most areas, which would make a difference. The focus has been on improvement rather than adding ad-friendly elements that are seldom used, such as the Air Gestures. However, convincing the GS4 users to upgrade to newer GS5 would be a tough ask.


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