Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Rumour, Expected Specs

Samsung may have just released its latest Galaxy Note phone, but this doesn’t stop Samsung from wanting to push out another competitor to the just released iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However, their current best selling Samsung Galaxy S series is still months away from its usual Q2 of each year release date. This has started to prompt all forms of rumors from Samsung, going from them delaying the phone to make sure its an iPhone destroyer rather than competitor, or perhaps more interestingly that it’ll be moved up in release to ensure competition with the iPhone 6.

This is something to be very excited about, as preliminary reports and even comments from Samsung have mentioned just how lofty their ambitions are. The biggest one as far as advancing the industry goes is the potential for a 4k (2160p) display. Samsung have publicly stated that they’d like their phones to start using 4k resolution screens from the start of 2015, the current rough release date for the Galaxy S6. Alongside being majorly technically impressive, it also strikes a massive blow to Apple, who have for the first time this year finally hit full 1080p HD resolutions on their phones.

Alongside the screen being potentially 4k, we do know it will likely make a small increase in size from the Galaxy S5, which sits at 5.1 inches. This is because of the large amount of phablets which are releasing towards the end of this year, and although a full Galaxy Note sized phone is unlike a 0.1 or 0.2 inch increase is something quite likely to happen, again to help the Galaxy S6 match up to the new iPhone 6 plus.

Screen Aside, one of the most important areas the Galaxy S6 will attempt to re-focus on is its design. Although killer specs are a very important part of any phone launch, its design is bigger yet for some, as Apple products continue to prove. This means the phone may use a slightly curved screen to take advantage of the 4k screen and provide something unique and marketable to Samsung. Hopefully they’ll continue the trend of thinner, better looking devices that the Galaxy S series kept up till the Galaxy S5.

The processor is likely going to have to be upgraded to correctly drive the 4k display, because although 4k is an amazing upgrade to pixel density, without the power to correctly drive it it does turn into a fruitless exercise, and Samsung will no doubt want to assure people their device is not just some fancy sounding specs. 3GB of RAM is expected to go with this, as has been the norm for high end flag ships for a while now.

The cameras to go along with this device may be taken directly from the Galaxy Note 4 and Edge, as this 16MP camera is at the higher end of smart phone cameras and also conveniently allows for 4k video at 30fps. This means you could have a real application for the 4k display on the device, and it could even become one of the bigger selling points.

Given the higher cost all of the things I’ve mentioned so far the device will likely command a higher price tag, meaning a 64GB or even 128GB model may be available, alongside the potential for a lower end “cheaper” 32GB option. Given the expandability via micro SD that Samsung Galaxy phones all have they may not even emphasise storage space at all.

Finally given the higher battery power consumption that comes with better processors, higher resolutions and better all round specs, I have no doubt that Samsung will try and throw the best battery they can at the time into the Galaxy S6, currently the highest MaH batteries we’re seeing sit in the 3000-3200 range, we may see a slight increase for the Galaxy S6, although regardless of the small leaps battery life may have to suffer.

This may be where the Galaxy battery saving mode could come in though, as it offers a way to balance these shorter battery lives with power by giving the user control of how much power it uses. This may include even more power states to account for the fact that a lot of applications won’t NEED the screen to be 4k, and I have no doubt this is right near the top of concerns for Samsung right now.

So, when can we expect this hopefully monstrous phone to actually release and be available to buy? The current expectation pins the release date somewhere in the March or April window, being one of the few smart phones to release that early, and also giving it a half year of being “newer” than Apple’s yearly release. If you’re looking forward to the Galaxy S6, you can expect announcements about what it’ll include around about February of 2014, and I’ll be eagerly waiting right with you.

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