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Thursday, January 22, 2015

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Samsung Gear Blink To Compete Google Glass

Samsung Gear Blink To Compete Google Glass By – Nov 18, 2014 0 0 SHARE

It was a matter of time until someone would build something similar to Google glass. We have seen how Sony is building its own version of Oculus Rift now it is time for Samsung to release a product that rivals with Google Glass.

The Samsung Gear Blink is yet to be officially unveiled but some details have been leaked online.

What To Expect From Samsung Gear Blink?

There are is no official information regarding the Samsung Gear Blink. Since it will be part of the gear family of products we can expect to have another device that runs on Samsung’s proprietary OS known as Tizen which is currently used by their smart watches. Just like other pieces of smart gear the Samsung Gear Blink could be a device that needs to be paired with a smartphone and since it is a Samsung product it might be compatible only with Samsung smartphones but that is yet to be confirmed.

Samsung Gear Blink Vs Google Glass

Google Glass runs on Android while the Samsung Gear Blink will be running on Tizen OS. Users should expect similar features as Samsung needs to give its customers a reason to get their gear instead so we should expect the Gear Blink to be capable of doing the same things. Google Glass can be used to listen to music or take calls even if it does not have a traditional speaker. It comes with a small display that is placed on the right eye and a small frontal camera.

The frontal camera can be used to identify objects and help the user use his hands to interact with Glass. The implementation of Google Now benefits Glass as it comes with enhanced vocal commands, location services and other tools that could be used on a daily basis.

At the other end we have Samsung Gear Blink which will have its own OS which means no Google Now. Samsung will need to invest a lot to get software developers and offer something that can rival with Google Now. The only problem is that Google Now has access to all its user data including location history, search history and so on and thus making it easier to work with while Samsung with its Tizen OS does not.

Is Samsung Making A Mistake By Not Using Android?

The Samsung Gear Blink could be used to control and interact with the user’s smartphone. It could have an internal mic that could be used to send vocal commands to a terminal and thus access Android functions. That would mean that an application needs to be installed on the phone as well if we are talking about Android smartphones.

It might not affect Samsung that much if they decide to go for Tizen but limiting its use only to Samsung devices could be an issue for consumers that would like to get the Blink but own a smartphone that is made by a different manufacturer. However there is still no info on what Samsung plans to do with the Gear Blink. They might not even limit the device compatibility to its own smartphones.

More news to come when Samsung unveils the Gear Blink.


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