Saudi Cleric Calls Twitter the Source of Evil

One of the 12th most influential Muslim in the world, the Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, who is the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, called Twitter “the source of all evil and devastation”.

While many users and influential persons have claimed in the past that the microbloggging service is addictive and time consuming, no one has gone as far as the Sheikh.

The top Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia, explained that the social network platform can reap real benefits. That is, if used correctly. However, according to his beliefs, Twitter is being exploited for trivial matters.

“People are rushing to it thinking Twitter is used to promote lies, backbite and gossip, as well as to slander Islam”, says Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh.

The Saudi Cleric was recently voted the 12th most influential Muslim in the world. He holds a senior government position in Saudi Arabia, serving as an advisor for law and social affairs.

“The morals promoted on Twitter are not the one Muslims should have. I call upon all people to contemplate what they write and publish on the internet, and do so before posting their tweets”, called the Cleric.

Is the Riyal Exchange Rate the Reason for Comments?

In the past week, the exchange rate of the Saudi Riyal to Dollar has dropped to some historically low levels. The exchange rate is the lowest since December 2008.

What do the citizens think?

In January, the hashtag #WhydidTwittersucceedinSaudiArabia began trending. Many of the users in Saudi Arabia were quick to share their reasons why they like the microblogging service. The main reason, of course, is that Twitter allows them to discuss topics they really feel. It is worth mentioning that citizens of Saudi Arabia are some of the heaviest users of the microbloggging service. Some of the tweets included:

– None of the newspapers are concerned with your worries, nor do any officials care for you
– People need an outlet to express themselves
– People need a place where they can disclose what’s hidden, drop the masks, and do so without fear or commands from anyone
– Respected sheikh, how can you judge something without using it?
– This is why I will repent, and close my account to distance myself from this great evil (sarcastic comment on Twitter).

The Religion in Saudi Arabia

Sunni Islam is the main religion adopted in Saudi Arabia. According to Sunni Islam, segregation of the sexes is very much positive and it is seen in all aspects of life in Saudi Arabia.

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