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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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SCiO – An Invention For a Better Life

SCiO – An Invention For a Better Life By – Oct 28, 2014 17 0 SHARE

It is now possible to know your food’s nutrition, calorie content, or the content of the pills you are taking, thanks to the SCiO. If you do not trust the labels, then this device comes in handy.

This device will undoubtedly rank with great innovations like agricultural drones, which are changing food production and consumption.

What is SCiO?

It is a molecular sensor, which is actually a smaller version of a spectrometer. It helps you get to know the molecular composition of things around you. It works with a Bluetooth 4.0-linked smartphone, though it is also compatible with your iPad (3rd generation and later), iPhone 4s and up, and any device that uses Android 4.3 and later. It has an integrated battery that should provide about one week of use when fully charged.

What Can SCiO Do?

This pocket device allows you to get to know the chemical composition of things around you, whether food, plants or even medicine. This information is then sent to your smartphone.

Get a Sixth Sense With This Device

This device allows you to have a sixth sense in this way: It uses technology based on near-IR spectroscopy. This technology works on the assumption that every molecule has its own way of vibration. When the molecule vibrates, the movement interacts with light resulting in a specific optical signature.

The device illuminates whatever object you are scanning. The light from the object is then collected and broken down into its specific spectrum.

Information about the object is then sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Amazingly, all these processes involve very simple steps:

  • Choosing a SCiO app from the available options
  • Scanning
  • After scanning, the information is sent to your smartphone

Better still, when you use the device, the information is saved in a cloud based database

What Will SCiO Deliver For Our Future?

  • Macro nutrient values
  • Ripeness
  • Spoilage analysis

With this device, you will be able to tell macro nutrient values, that is fats, proteins, calories and carbohydrates in various foods. Moreover, you can tell the food’s ripeness and produce quality. The device will also be able to do a spoilage analysis for foods like fruits, sauces, cooking oils, cheese, vegetables, and salad dressings.

It will be able to tell authentic medicine via a cross-check of the molecular make-up with other pharmaceuticals in the database.

With the SCiO, one will be able to tell moisture levels in plants. This helps with knowing when to water them.

The device should work on any thing- clothes, jewelry, rubber, plastic, human tissue, or even bodily fluids.

So Why Should Anyone Invest In This Pocket Device?

  •  Reliability
  • Speed
  • Compatibility

The SCiO is a great innovation, by all standards. It is developed by a team of experts that cut across various fields, from algorithm experts, chemists, nutritionists, food technicians, and physicists, which makes it reliable. It is portable, and delivers information to your smartphone in real time.

It should work with any smartphone that is Bluetooth 4.0-linked. It is also compatible with 3rd generation iPads and later, iPhone 4s and up, or any Android 4.3 and later. If the SCiO is ready, people who had made pledges via could begin receiving it in December 2014.


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