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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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Skype Download vs. Tango Free Download – Is Skype’s Time Over?

Skype Download vs. Tango Free Download – Is Skype’s Time Over? By – Jan 3, 2015 51 0 SHARE

Skype has been voted on numerous occasions as the best app when it comes to providing users with quality voice and video calls, especially with the latter case being its strongest point.

What has made this app become such a strong program in this niche is the fact that it was the first of its kind and more than a decade into its operations, Skype has created a market that is almost monopolistic. Many of its early users have adopted the brand and converted more people into using the app. It remains to be harbored in the deepest areas of many people’s minds and rather than people say ‘I’ll call you’, they’ll be like ‘I’ll Skype you’.

Tango as a Skype Alternative

The past half a decade has seen numerous transformations where many other apps have come into play and as it stands, Skype is no longer the only provider of VoIP services. Tango has come in swiftly and to the surprise of many, including Skype, this app is doing amazingly well, with a user base that has already exceeded 300 million, yet it has been around for less than 5 years.

Skype is best known for the quality of video calls it offers users. However, this is a niche that Tango has come out very strongly and it is giving Skype a run for its money. Viber has slowly been eating away the voice calling niche of Skype and with Tango taking over its strongest point; it is simply but spelling doom for Skype. What keeps Skype among the elites is the already established brand name and the superior loyalty it has over Tango, but this is what used to be said of the fallen giant, Nokia.

Tango Offers Fast Sign Ups than Skype

One of the areas where Tango beats Skype is the speed of the signing up process. Users of Tango can start using the app in less than a minute after beginning the sign up process. Users are only required to provide valid phone numbers and that’s it. Unlike in Skype where a username and password are mandatory, the process of creating a Tango account is fast and very simple.

You can also access various photo editing features as well as play games with friends while calling or chatting on Tango. Tango can be installed on any iOS and Android device as well as on all major PC platforms.


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